Modern Semi-Updo Hairstyles

Many of long and medium-haired beauties are big fans of semi-updo hairstyles. They are versatile hairstyles with a number of styling ideas and effects. Keep on reading if you want to discover more half-updos for 2017. Take this hairdo to the next level with modern twists and cuter elements. They look nicer when you pay special attention to the details and accessories.modern-semi-updo-hairstyles-2017Twisted Semi-Updo Hairstyle

Twists help to get rid of the messiness and annoying jump of the front strands. They are ideal particularly for long and thick hair. If you have such, say goodbye to the old-fashioned half-updo hairstyles and start experimenting with twists, which are both effortless and quick. All you need is just twisting front hair into tight twists and secure on the back part with a stylish hair accessory.half-updo-with-twists-2017Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are other popular half-updo hairstyles. There are millions of looks of waterfall plaits, which means that you have something new for birthday parties and prom nights. The best thing about this hairstyle idea is that it is cool on long and short haircuts equally.  Choose a braiding style and beautify your strands with a trendy cascading effect.waterfall-semi-updo-braid-2017Half-Updo Hairstyle for Short Hair

Shorter haircuts are beautiful with bouffant half-updo hairstyles. You can get the fancy retro inspired bouffant on your top part with the help of teasing. Fix the volume with hair spray and finish the hairstyle with a cute hair clip. This will keep annoying and fly-away strands out of the face and will bring out your charming facial features.half-updo-for-short-hair-2017Semi-Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

Bangs seem to complete semi-updo hairstyles. They are so ravishing and fresh with this style. Women with heavy, blunt, side swept or center parted bangs feel quite confident in half-updo hairstyles, as their fringe adds the desired fullness to their hair and makes it look fancier. Go for simple semi-updo hairdos and combine them with polished and trendy bangs like celebrities do.half-updo-with-bangs-2017Semi-Updo Hairstyle with Double Buns

Nowadays double buns are more than requested in salons. Being inspired by the most attractive celebrity looks and hairstyles stylish girls opt for semi-updo hairstyles with buns. These are half-buns placed on the top part of the hair. They are paired with medium or long hairstyles and work well with thick hair. Black women like it as it is cozy and eye-catching. You can wear double buns on casual days just for fun.half-updo-with-double-buns-2017