Easy Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

Everyone knows how trendy bobby pins have become lately. They are the main hair accessories that we can see in models’ and celebrities’ jewelry boxes. Would you like to discover the latest easy hairstyles with bobby pins? It’s a great idea for lazy girls who want to look stylish and pretty but don’t want to spend much time on hair styling. Here are some of the hottest and most creative bobby pin hairdos.easy-hairstyles-with-bobby-pins-2017Twisted Bob with Bobby Pins

Short haircuts such as simple bobs or grown out pixies are not always that common and uninteresting. If you think, you can create cute hairstyles with bobby pins. Look at this lovely hairdo with twists and a large bobby pin. It’s a quick and effortless way to fix your hair.twisted-hairstyle-with-bobby-pins-2017How to Style: Brush your short locks and apply hair cream or mousse on the front strands to make them frizz-free and sleek. Then twist into thin twists and secure with a stylish bobby pin.

Low Bun Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

Cozy and trendy low bun hairstyles with smooth and elegant top parts are perhaps your everyday office hairdos. What to do to make them trendier and nicer? Let’s play with colorful bobby pins which go well with our hair color.twisted-bun-hairstyle-with-bobby-pins-2017How to Style: Go for a straight and sleek hairstyle and create a low and loose twisted bun hairdo with side parting. Then wear a few eye-catching bobby pins on the same side here your hair looks thicker and fuller. That’s it!

Half-Updo Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

I have seen many half-updo hairstyles with cute bobby pins but this one says that bobby pin hairdos are taken to the next level. Even the simplest half-updo can look so festive and fancy with a handful of bobby pins. You’ll get an amazing geometry-shaped effects on your locks if you place them beautifully.bobby-pin-half-updo-2017How to Style: Whether you have straight, curly or frizzy hair you can rock this lavishing hairstyle with your favorite bobby pins. Brush all your hair backwards, pulled to one side or center parted and secure the back part with bobby pins placing them the way you like.

Side Pulled Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

What else can work so harmoniously with side pulled hairstyles if not bobby pins? Any side parted hairdo looks festive only when you embellish it with subtle accessories. Since there are other beautiful bobby pins your choice can be wilder.side-swept-hair-with-bobby-pins-2017How to Style: Opt for loose waves and pull all to one side. Spray hair spray to fix the waves and keep control over the fly away strands. Then secure one part with flower-shaped or jeweled bobby pins and enjoy your girlish hairstyle.

Updo Hairstyle with Tons of Bobby Pins

The thicker your hair the more you’ll need to use bobby pins. Things get more fascinating when it comes to updo hairstyles. Here you can use as many bobby pins as you like to get a flashy hairstyle. Try to use glossy clips.tons-of-bobby-pin-for-updo-2017How to Style: Start styling with hair creams and mousses to bring your hair to a possible frizz-free and shiny look. You can even go for loose waves and then create an updo. Bobby pins will not only secure your hairstyle but will also make it prettier and more interesting.