Casual Half-Up Hairstyles for 2017

Did you know that half-up hairstyles are the one of the most feminine and attractive hairdos for different hair textures and lengths.  Check out the best casual half-up hairstyles for 2017 and make your everyday lifestyle more interesting and stylish. A simple hairstyle can transform you into a fancier lady if it’s trendy. Luckily, there are various half-updos for short and long hair.half-up hairstyles casual 2017Short Half-Up Hairstyle

If your stylist has told you that you can’t create half-up hairstyles on short hair then have a look at this stylish look. It’s a half-bun hairdo created on short bob. There is always a solution if you look for. This hairstyle keeps front strands out of the face and makes your look neater. It’s perfect for girls who like to draw attention to their face.short half-up hairstyle 2017Medium Half-Up Hairstyle

Mid-length haircuts give more opportunities to get half-up hairdos. Instead of the straight and dull half-updo hairstyle you can wear a wavy and prettier half-up hairstyle on medium hair. It’s super easy and beautiful. Tease the top part for additional volume and add a kind of vintage effect. Those with long bangs may pull all to one side or create a center-parted look.medium half-up hairstyle 2017Simple Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle

Since twisted hairstyles are in thing you can often opt for simple twisted half-up hairstyles for casual days. Combine them with loose waves for a better result. If you have a fresh hair color or highlights then the result will be trendier. This hairstyle looks even prom-ready. You can style it yourself just twisting front strands on the back part and curling the tips.simple twisted half-up hairstyle 2017Long Casual Half-Up Hairstyle

Braids have the power to transform traditional hairstyles into lavishing and more capturing looks. If you like braided hairstyles then match them with long half-up hairstyles and enjoy the advantage of having trendier hairstyles by simple tricks. This is just the art of hair styling that has no limitations. From the cutest three-strand braids to the trendiest fishtails there are astounding plaits to match with half-up hairdos.long casual half-up hairstyle 2017Half-Up Undone Waves

What concerns messy hairstyles, they are everywhere in the fashion world. Just try a cute center parted half-updo and curl the tips into loose waves, run your fingers through the, to get messier and more voluminous undone waves. Fix with hair spray. Rock this hairstyle whenever you are too lazy to style something more complicated and luxurious.  Half-up undone waves hairstyle 2017