5-Minute Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Late mornings, busy days and you can’t keep control everything? Just calm down and start with your everyday hair care. Opt for one of these 5-minute updo hairstyles and the rest will find their place. Once your look is neat you know how to plan the day. Hairstyle is a big thing in a woman’s life. When it’s carefree and dull you don’t feel yourself confident and the world seems a kind of chaotic for you. So, let’s clear up your day with a nice hairdo.easy-updo-hairstyles-2017Messy Bun Hairstyle

During these days when I spend much time at home I follow the latest runway shows and the most interesting thing for me is that those stunning models rock messy buns with almost any style from casual to prom. And yes, messy bun is a big hair trend for 2017. It’s chic and easy at the same time.messy-bun-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Anyone with medium to long hair can style a messy bun on her bedhead hair. Straight-haired girls can even tease their locks for additional messiness and shag. It makes this hairdo modern and more seductive. So, use hair teasing combs, sprays and volumizing products and achieve common bun hairstyles with bobby pins.

Twisted Half Updo Hairstyle

I often wear the quick and easy twisted half-updo hairstyle before leaving the house. This hairdo is one of my favorites as it’s not only effortless but also makes my face shape prettier and keeps front strands out of the face. It is ideal for any occasion.twisted-half-updo-2017How to Style: All you need is a comb and a hair cream if your locks are frizzy. Straight-haired ladies can go without hair products too. So, apply hair cream on the front strands and twist them pulling to backwards. Secure with a bobby pin, elastic or another hair accessory.

Scarf Wrapped Updo Hairstyle

Scarf wrapped or the so called bandana updo hairstyles are the best for messy hair. They make shaggy locks neater and keep all the unruly strands out of the face creating and elegant and flashy look. Such hairdos are awesome for windy, rainy and cold days.scarf-wrapped-updo-2017How to Style: Any messy bun, knot or just a simple medium updo hairstyle will look nice with a colorful scarf wrapped on the top. Try to use the scarf the way so that it can pull all your face framing strands out. Choose a bandana or scarf that brings out your hair color, goes well with your makeup and outfits.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

What about a modern ponytail hairstyle? Between the most popular 5-mitute hairstyles the fishtail pony has its special place. Women with thick and unruly hair like this hairdo as it helps them to bring their locks to a possible neat and polished effect just in 5 minutes. Do the same for your workouts or busy mornings.braided-ponytail-2017

How to Style: Tie a high and sleek ponytail using hair spray and a tight elastic. Then separate the tail into to equal sections and plait a loose fishtail. Finish it at the tips and secure with an elastic. So easy and beautiful can only be a trendy braided hairstyle.