2017 Updo Hairstyles to Do in 10 Seconds

Probably most of your casual updo hairstyles are simple and easy-to-do and you love them because you get both cozy and beautiful looks. But what if you are tired of the same hairdos and want to try something new? Let’s find out the latest trendy updo hairstyles for 2017 to do in 10 seconds. These new ideas will make your look very beautiful and attractive.updo hairstyles 2017Half-Ponytail Hairstyle

One of the most popular hairstyles in Hollywood is the half-ponytail. It is subtler and more festive than the half-bun or half-knot hairstyles. This hairdo is mostly worn on long wavy hair. It is beautified with subtle hair accessories that keep it both simple and girlish.half-ponytail 2017How to Style: If you already have waves then all you need is a hair tie or a cute clipper. Separate your hair into two parts on the back and create a half-ponytail. You can comb front strands backwards to bring out your facial features. But it’s pretty in messy looks too.

Messy Bun with Headband

Here is a cool hairstyle idea for “forever messy” hair types. It is for girls who want to get comfy hairstyles without combing or brushing their hair as it takes long and much efforts. So, you can style a high messy bun hairdo just in 10 seconds and finish it with a headband to look neater.high messy bun with headband 2017How to Style: Gather all your hair on the top part and create a cute loose bun hairstyle. Secure with elastics or bobby pins and fix with the help of your fingers. Try to get a voluminous style and finish the look with a fancy headband, which will keep front strands out of the face.

Side Braid Hairstyle

Is there any other simple braid hairstyle than the three-strand side plait? It’s the most popular braided hairstyle idea for casual days. You can get it on medium to long hair and fell quite convenient.side braid 2017How to Style: Start with pulling all your hair to the side you want. Then separate it into three equal parts and plait into a neat braid. Secure at the tips and work on your bangs if there are any.

Side Pinned Hairstyle

Nowadays bobby pins are used as main hair accessories. They come up with a number of colors and designs, which gives you the freedom to style your hair into many stylish ways.bobby pins side parted hair 2017How to Style: Opt for a side pinned hairdo and take one or two bobby pins according to your preferences. Brush your hair and pull a huge part over your forehead to another part. Secure it with bobby pins. You’ll be provided with a youthful hairstyle combined with a kind of faux fringe.

Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

The best thing about twisted ponytails is that they are simple and chic at the same time. Instead of the common pony hairstyles you can try an innovative twisted ponytail to take this traditional hairdo to the next level.ponytail 2017How to Style: Pull hair into a loose and low ponytail hairstyle. Secure with a simple or hair-colored elastic to make it look more sophisticated and natural. Take hold of the bottom of the pony and loop it through it.