Stylish Hair Highlights for Short Cuts

Short haircuts are not always satisfying. They are sometimes harsh, boyish and not that subtle. What do stylists do to create girlish short hairstyles? They mainly add stylish and fresh highlights or offer light hair colors. Here you can find the most stylish hair highlights for short cuts. Start right today and show us how fantastic your short haircut is with trendy Haircut with Balayage Highlights

While ombre is not a natural-looking style for many haircuts balayage is a hot option when you look for natural hair highlights. Here you play with two or three tones lighter shades which brighten up your hair color and make it more attractive. Luckily bob haircuts give us that incredible opportunity to wear balayage highlights which look stunning on loose waves. Hanks to the lightness of balayage highlights your short haircut will look a bit longer.short-balayage-bob-2017Edgy Highlights for Short Hair

Dramatic highlights in warm shades of yellow, orange, red, mahogany and burgundy immediately transform your short cut into a lavishing and unique hairstyle. Everyone can opt for this style according to her haircut, base hair color and skin tone. You’d better think of a fresh haircut and then choose matching tones. In order to bring out your new style you can wear polished hairdos.stylish-hair-highlights-for-short-cuts-2017Short Haircut with Highlighted Bangs

Here is the creative approach towards hair styling that you have been looking for so far. It focuses on only on the bangs of the hair making them brighter, more vibrant and beautiful. The most important thing in this case, is the style of your haircut and bangs. Take into account that bob haircuts with highlighted bangs are not that pleasant. Everything is harmonious when it comes to pixie cuts.short-hair-with-highlighted-bangs-2017Short Layered Haircut with Highlights

Any professional stylist will tell you that layered haircuts are the best for multi-tone highlights. Why? The reason is that the stylist easily separates hair in different sections and applies the highlights separately. Then, the result is obvious on any hairstyle. So, your short layers will become prettier with eye-catching highlights. They are even nicer with highlighted layered bangs.short-layered-hair-with-highlights-2017Pastel Highlights for Short Hair

Pastels are the subtlest shades to combine with short haircuts. They come up in several cute hues which compliment light hair colors. You can add pastel highlights on your bangs, front strands or just all over your hairstyle if you think that it will look well-balanced with your base shade.pixie-haircut-with-pastel-highlights-2017