Stunning Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Have you decided to take that step finally? Chop off your hair into a cool short haircut and feel the freedom that short styles give you. Look at these stunning short haircuts for thick hair and pick a style that flatters your current hair state. Thick locks give us a variety of ideas on how to style or cut hair. Between the most popular options I have chosen the trendiest special for thick-haired beauties.short thick hairstyles 2017Short Thick Pixie Haircut

Tired of those thick and annoying hair? Say goodbye to struggles and long hours that you spend on styling and opt for a low-maintenance pixie haircut. Women with thick locks prefer the shortest pixie haircuts. They sometimes even go for buzz cuts. This haircut is textured in spite of being so short. It looks quite attractive and flatters slender facial features. Ask your stylist for a suitable pixie cut for your thick hair.short thick pixie haircut 2017Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

When it comes to bob haircuts thick hair doesn’t ask a style. It compliments all styles and the choice is wide for you. From the simplest bob haircuts to the most complicated styles there are perfect versions to opt for. Bob haircuts are popular and trendy. They beautify and update any hair type and go well with a number of hairstyles. Before you may wear a bob haircut you’d better do some research to find out the latest ideas and most ravishing cuts.short thick bob haircut 2017Blunt Bangs for Thick Hair

Straight thick hair is the best state for lavishing blunt bangs. They look perfect only on this style. No matter what kind of haircut you choose but if you have thick hair you can easily achieve polished bunt bangs. Try to match it with short trendy bob haircuts as they create a fabulous combination together. Many celebrities rock this classy bob hairstyle with that mysterious touch.short thick hair with blunt bangs 2017Short Thick Asymmetrical Haircut

The next is a short asymmetrical haircut for thick locks. Do you like unique and original haircuts? It’s the high time to experiment with a fancy uneven hairstyle to spice up your locks. This trick is a good idea for women who seek for more attention. It will provide you with a contrasting hairstyle, which is short one side and a bit textured on the other part.short thick asymmetrical haircut 2017Short Uneven Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If asymmetrical pixies don’t meet your interests you can consider uneven bob haircuts as they are also cool with thick hair. Compared with thin hairstyles this option is more luxurious and seductive. It has a kind of face-framing nature that goes well with most face shapes. Depending on your face structure your bob can be either too short or mid-length.short thick asymmetrical bob haircut 2017