Short Hairstyles with Trendy Highlights 2017

When a woman cuts her hair off into a short haircut she starts thinking of trendy hair colors and highlights to make it look feminine and more beautiful. Here are the loveliest short hairstyles with highlights for 2017. Check them out and decide which style best goes with your current haircut and base shade. Subtle hair highlights add depth and dimension to short hair and make you look very attractive.short hair with highlights 2017Short Hair with Red Highlights

Short layered black hair may not bring out the structure of your fresh cut but once you add red highlights everything becomes more obvious and eye-catching. This trick works well for women with naturally dark hair. You may add burgundy or brighter red highlights for your locks and enjoy the charm of this hairstyle. There is no any other fiery touch that you can find for black and dark brown hair colors.short hairstyle with red highlights 2017Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

In order to enrich your light hair but keep it natural-looking you should add other blonde shades to your short locks. Place them in a slicing nature and keep as natural as possible. Short pixie cuts look better with blonde highlights. They become soft and very tender. The tones of your blonde highlights depend on your base shade.short hairstyle with blonde highlights 2017Short Hair with Brown Highlights

Brown shades are awesome either on light blonde or darker brown hair colors. This choice is great both for blondes and brunettes. Add warm and fresh brown highlights all over your short strands and get a balayage or sombre effect. If your hair is too short for ombre hair colors then keep these highlights simple and sassy.Short Hairstyles with Trendy Highlights 2017Short Hair with Caramel Highlights

Do you need warmer highlights? Bob, lob or pixie haircuts with caramel highlights are very elegant. You may choose caramel highlights for any shade of brown and dirty blonde. Avoid adding it to red and light blonde hair colors. These highlights can change your look into a better one and make you very stylish.short hair with caramel highlights 2017Short Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Another hot solution to draw attention to short hair is adding rainbow highlights. This delightful effect is not only flashy but also girlish and fascinating. Your rainbow game will capture many hearts. It’s playful, attractive and interesting. Even women with boyish undercuts can take their haircut to the next level with these hues. Just think differently and amuse your friends.short hair with rainbow highlights 2017