Short Haircut Trends 2017

There are cool haircut ideas between short styles that are always in thing and are often updated with modern twists. This string of short haircut trends for 2017 is your next guide to the most popular and attractive short styles. If you already have a short haircut then refresh it with one of these styles and if you are thinking of chopping off your locks in order to get a low-maintenance hairstyle then gain you can make your choice right here and right now.short-haircuts-2017Short Shaggy Bob Haircut

The French bob haircuts are now replaced with short shaggy bobs. These are more voluminous and eye-catching haircuts both for straight and curly hair. Such a cool haircut looks better with warm and sun-kissed highlights. You are welcome to highlight it with the shades that compliment your base hair color. In order to get the messy spikes and the cute windblown effect you should use hair spray and blow drier.short-shaggy-bob-2017Short Messy Pixie Haircut

Another shaggy and messy haircut is the short pixie. If you have such haircut and want to beautify it you may think of a vibrant hair color. Red is a hot shade to combine with pixie cuts but other trendy hues can also work well with it. Ask your stylist for a short pixie cut with uneven bangs and then dye it into your favorite bright shade. A new hair color can change the simple look of your haircut.short-shaggy-pixie-2017Short Grey Hairstyle

Do you love the granny hair trend? Match it with short haircuts and you’ll feel yourself more confident. While long grey hairstyles have the exact granny effect, shorter haircuts break down the old-fashioned look and provide you with a fresher and nicer hairstyle. Short grey bobs and pixies are awesome both in light and dark shades. Opt for the shade that seems to be your natural grey.short-grey-hair-2017Short Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Straight and fine hair almost always looks polished and sleek. In this case you start looking for haircuts that will embrace your hair type and make it fancier. While others spend hours in front of the mirror to get this stunning result you can just go for it cutting your hair off into a simple bob. Keep in mind that this haircut requires everyday care and looks trendier with center or side parting.sleek-bob-haircut-2017Short Natural Haircut

My stylish black ladies looking for the latest short haircut trends should focus on the undercuts and textured styles in 2017. The main reason why so many black women opt for short haircuts is that the majority seeks for low-maintenance and cozier styles for their unruly and annoying hair type. This haircut is a great example for you to try.short-natural-haircut-2017