Coolest Winter Hairstyles for Short Hair

A stylish and fresh short haircut will draw much attention. However, it’s important to choose the right cut for the season. Hair tends to grow fast, which means that you can change up your short cut quite often according to this or that particular season. While in many continents it’s still warm in many other parts of the globe it’s already winter and people have changed their wardrobes. It’s the high time to consider the coolest winter hairstyles for short hair. Are you ready for a trendier touch? Let’s start!short-hairstyles-for-winter-2017Short Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Shaggy cuts and spikes are the best hairstyles for winter when you have short hair. They provide with texture and additional volume, which makes your haircut more interesting. Short pixie cuts are simple and common hairstyles seeking modern twists and touch ups. If yours seems dull then go for short layers and opt for this spiky hairstyle for the cold winter. Combine it with glasses and warm scarf.short-messy-pixie-2017Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle

The next is the grown out pixie hairstyle which is a kind of “warmer” option of pixies for winter. It frames your face and doesn’t look too boyish. Growing or grown out pixie cuts are fashionable and beautiful. They are considered as the best cuts between short pixie and bob styles. You can wear them with stylish headbands which will keep your ears warmer and your look stylish.grown-out-pixie-for-winter-2017Short Haircut with Highlights

Adding vibrant highlights is always a good idea for short hair. During the chilly winter days you may find nothing more interesting for your short hair than fresh highlights. Consult with your hair colorist to pick the best hair highlighting idea for short hair. Since many wear hats in winter, it’s recommended to add those highlights on the bangs.short-hair-with-highlights-for-winter-2017Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Have more fun with short asymmetrical haircuts if you don’t know how to update your hair in winter. Uneven cuts and side swept bangs will provide you with a cute and fascinating hairstyle. You will have many styling options and ideas thanks to the interesting shape of your haircut. Pair it with messy and voluminous hairstyles or with soft waves and sleek styles.short-asymmetrical-haircut-for-winter-2017Short Curly Hairstyle

Shot curls are quite voluminous. They are ideal hairstyles for windy and cold weather. You can combine them with any style you like. Short curly hairstyles are super cute and girlish. They look awesome even with hats and warm clothes. Such a lovely hairdo can be cool for those who like to look glamorous no matter what and when.short-curly-hair-for-winter-2017