Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas with Modern Twists

When we want to keep all hair away from our face we usually wear ponytail hairstyles. But more often we look for fascinating solutions and modern twists for our ponytail hairstyles. Let’s find out the latest innovative pony hairdos to replace our simple ponytail hairstyles with the newest and more interesting styles. There are so many fabulous ways to do them.ponytail-hairstyles-2017Sleek Ponytail for Short Hair

If you have short hair it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear sleek, polished and neat updo hairstyles. Ponytail is always there for you. Just rub hair oils on your hair and comb gently. Create a deep side parting as a classic touch and tie a tight ponytail at your neck. Pair it with elegant makeups and use as a cozy hairstyle at office or somewhere else where you need to look neater.sleek-ponytail-for-short-hair-2017Fishtail Ponytail Hairstyle

Both fishtails and ponytails are big hair trends for 2017. What if we combine them and get a trendier hairstyle? This ravishing hairstyle idea works with many hair types. The only thing you need the sufficient length. The longer your hair the prettier this hairstyle will look. And the thicker it is the more eye-catching you’ll be. In order to get a stylish fishtail ponytail create a center parted low pony hairstyle and braid the tail into a fishtail braid. Secure with an elastic.low-fishtail-ponytail-hairstyle-2017Vintage Ponytail Hairstyle

Some vintage hairdos are so glamorous that we use them for parties. One of them is the curly and voluminous ponytail, which draws attention to your lovely face. This hairstyle is paired with a volumized bouffant on the top part and therefore looks festive. Since high-volume hairstyles are modern and fashionable you can choose this as your next prom updo hairstyle.vintage-ponytail-hairstyle-2017Half Ponytail hairstyle

Medium or long hair allows us to rock half-ponytail hairstyles. They look like that trendy half-buns that’s why many celebrities wear half-ponytails even for red carpet events. Copy Ariana Grande’s ombre-shaded half ponytail hairstyles whenever you want to look so girlish and cute. This hairdo has a youthful touch in it.half-ponytail-2017Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Instead of s single twist your stylist can use multiple twisted styles to change up the simple look of your high ponytails. The quantity of twists mostly depends on your hair length. We call this a cool Jasmine princess inspired hairdo after the bubble ponytail. Anyone with long hair can try twisted pony hairstyle to keep control over the messiness of fly away strands.twisted-ponytail-hairstyle-2017