Half Ponytail Hairstyles for 2018

Never expect that ponytails will leave this beauty industry. It is the most practical hairstyle that can be seen on everyone. I am sure every lady knows how to create a traditional ponytail, but you may go for a little bit complicated style that require some skills to achieve. Today we rounded up some half ponytail hairstyles for 2018, that are great to wear both casually and formally. Take your time and check the pictures out.half ponytailsHigh Ponytail

It is the highest moment to get a glam look with a simple high ponytail. It is the best hairstyle for formal event. It tends to represent your incredible hair length and texture. After you add some waves, your half ponytail will look twice better. Note that it is created with a little bit bouffant on the top of the head. The height is possible to achieve by teasing, but don’t try to overdo it.High PonytailBardot Ponytail

Bardot hairstyles are all in mainstream, and you may also draw your inspiration right from this diva. However, the following pony is a fabulous option for brides as well. It is all about smooth waves and the bouffant created on the top of the head. An accessory applied to the look creates a full bridal hairstyle. However, it is not necessary to be a bride to rock the following style.Bardot PonytailCasual Half Ponytail

Another popular ponytail hairstyle, that celebrities are rocking nowadays is showcased below. You can go with wavy or straight hair to complete the following headdress. It doesn’t require any extreme pattern as it is all about softness and subtleness. Wear your ponytail high and don’t forget to accessorize it with a gorgeous pattern, just like the one you see on this model.Casual Half PonytailFormal Half Ponytail

Indeed, updos are great for formal occasions and the following style is the proof of my words. It requires pulling some sections out of your strands up and create a simple half ponytail. Get it either wavy or straight, the choice is up to you. Whatever, you decide to wear, the following ponytail is a great option to make you stand out in the crowd.Formal Half PonytailPastel Half Ponytail

There are so many ways to spice up your regular half ponytail, and switching up your hair color is one of the greatest way, to take your updo a notch higher. If you are a bold lady, consider pastels as they are totally in mainstream. Show this look to your hairstylist and ask for the same style. You can rock it both casually and formally and you don’t need to create it super polish at all.Pastel Half Ponytail