2017 Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

The wet-look hair trend is having its moment and it has “decided” to have its influence on many popular hairstyles. Among them we find the traditional ponytail. Check out the best wet-look ponytail hairstyles for 2017. You are going to get a new inspiration for the simple ponytail hairstyles. These are cozier and trendier ponytails, ready to spice up your look and display your killer facial features.  2017 Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle IdeasSlicked Back Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Have you always dreamed of a classy and tight ponytail that fights against your messy locks and wins? Here is the comfy slicked back ponytail with its fantastic tightness. You will never feel discomfort wearing it. Just use hair oils or high-shine products to get the super sleekness on your wet strands. Then take elastic and tie a low ponytail hairstyle at your neck.wet look low ponytail 2017Side Swept Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle

Those looking for flashier and more elegant ponytail hairstyles may opt for this posh option. It’s a stunning side swept ponytail paired with the wet-look effect. It highlights the sleekness and deep side parting on the hairstyle. If you don’t have bangs then this hairstyle will provide with the same effect of side swept bangs.wet look side swept ponytail 2017Wet-Look High Ponytail Hairstyle

Wet-look high ponytails are the frequently seen hairstyles on the catwalks of famous runway shows. These hairstyles are accompanied by long and straight hair extensions but women who have naturally long hair can easily achieve it with hair styling products. Use tight styling ideas for the perfect and polished result.wet-look high ponytail 2017Wavy Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle

Check out the latest wavy ponytail hairstyles and you’ll notice that stylists have taken this hair trend to the next level with the wet-look effects. Such hairstyles are great for messy and wavy hair types. Compared with the straight and tight ponytails wavy and messy wet-look pony hairstyles are loose and subtle. They can frame your face with loose strands.wet look messy ponytail 2017Wet-Look Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Let’s replace the dull ponytail hairstyles with cute twists. Here is one runway inspired pony hairstyle example for you to style in 2017. It’s a wet-look twisted ponytail that goes well with medium to long hair and creates a shiner effect thanks to the twisted style. It reflects the shine of the hair with the help of sunny rays. You need to use hair waxes or gels on your damp hair and then twist into a low or medium ponytail.wet look twisted ponytail 2017