Hottest Long Pixie Hairstyles

Long pixie haircuts are the same grown out pixies that seem to be dull and uninteresting. However, many Hollywood stars prove that one can have a lot of fun with long pixie hairstyles if she chooses the right hair styling techniques. Check out the hottest long pixie hairstyles and take examples from these beauty looks if you have the same hair length, type or style.long pixie hairstyles 2017Long Layered Pixie Hairstyle

The first thing that might cross your hairstylist’s mind could be a fresh layered haircut for your grown out pixie. Layers are the most popular haircut ideas for any length and type but they are ideal especially for straight hair. You can update your current pixie with tons of layers and style them into straight, side swept or spiky hairstyles. Those who like more feminine touches may also add some long face framing bangs.long layered pixie hairstyle 2017Long Black Pixie Hairstyle

Black women like Viola Davis surely know how to deal with black locks o make them prettier. This lady often goes for short haircuts and likes to play with hair highlights. Her style is between the most elegant experiments and her hairstyles are quite inspiring for many black women. If you have grown out pixie then work on your bangs creating a side swept hairstyle and also pay attention to your highlight. Try to place them on the visible parts of your short cut.long black pixie hairstyle 2017White Blonde Afro Frizz for Long Pixie

Have a look at this unique and incredible pixie hairstyle. Cynthia Erivo has decide to leave her short haircut grow out a little bit and has refreshed it with a new white blonde shade. This hair color makes her frizzy hairstyle softer and cuter. Actually, black women avoid too light blonde shades as they realize that they are going to end up with an unpleasant style, but the fact that short haircuts allows them to wear any shade they like, makes many black-skinned celebrities rock platinum or white blonde shades.CYNTHIA ERIVO grown out pixie hairstyle 2017Long Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

Another fabulous solution for grown out pixie haircuts is the sleek side parted style. This is a classy straight hairdo that works well with naturally straight and sometimes even thin hair. While thick hair requires special styling tools and products to look so sleek and neat, straight and thin hair is already in the best state for such a cool hairstyle.long sleek pixie hairstyle 2017Messy Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle

Would you like to grab attention with your bold yet feminine hairstyle? Pick up this messy grown out pixie and finish it with a glossy and eye-catching headband. Hair accessories are very trendy in 2017 and you can wear as many stylish headbands as you like to keep control over your messy grown out locks.thick grown out pixie hairstyle 2017