2017 Hottest Short Undercuts for Women

Undercuts known as male haircuts have taken the world of women’s fashion. They are worn by some brave celebrities as well as unique models and fashionistas. Considered as harsh and rude haircuts for subtle women, undercuts are softened with stylish tricks and hacks to look more feminine. Take a look at the hottest undercuts for women in 2017.undercuts for women 2017Short Mohawk Undercut Hairstyle

The best state of hair for Mohawk hairstyles is the short undercut. This cut gives you the best opportunity to style your hair into the spiky and voluminous Mohawk. If you want to make a style statement then this haircut is waiting for you. However, make sure you have the flattering face shape for it as such short haircuts require slender face and facial features.  short mohawk undercut for women 2017Rainbow Undercut Hairstyle

And here is one of the tricks used to soften undercuts for women. It’s the fancy idea of dying hair in rainbow shades. You can always find the best rainbow hues for your hair. There is the oil-slick hair color trend for brunettes who want to experiment with rainbow tones and there’s the pastel combo for blondes. Women with red hair can experiment with darker tones of rainbow such as purple, deep blue or any other shade that flatters your tone of red.short rainbow undercut for women 2017Two-Tone Undercut Hairstyle

Another solution for short undercuts is the two-tone hair color trend. it works so perfectly with undercuts that it seems as if there is no better solution for this cut. It’s the most creative idea that stylists have created for short undercuts. The top part is actually dyed in one light shade and the shaved sides are kept in darker tones. The result is always fresh-looking and stylish.short two-tone undercut for women 2017Short Layered Undercut Hairstyle

Try this style if your hair is thin and looks sleek. Layers add volume and make hair look fuller. Layered undercuts are textured on the top and polished on the sides. You can highlight it with trendy hues according to your base shade and rock spiky, messy and textured hairstyles in summer 2017.short layered undercut for women 2017Side Swept Undercut Hairstyle

In order to get a feminine effect on your undercut hairstyle you need to opt for side swept hairstyles or at least side swept bangs. This is one of the hottest undercut hairstyles that you can copy in 2017. It is often worn by stylish celebs who rock short and fresh undercuts.  short side swept undercut for women 2017