Keira Knightley’s Hottest Hairstyles to Try in 2017

Keira Knightley’s changing looks have always been in the center of attention. Her haircuts and hairstyles are never dull and old-fashioned as she keeps up with the biggest hair trends and does her best to add her personal style and individual touch to her haircuts and hairstyles. Be inspired by Keira Knightley’s hottest hairstyles for 2017.keira knightley hairstyles 2017Keira Knightley Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

The first is the short pixie haircut worn by Keira Knightley. This is her most eye-catching haircut idea that goes with the latest hair trends and looks very glamorous. Not everyone has the bravery to cut off her hair so short. Keira Knightley proves that she is not afraid of any haircut and is ready to bring out her charm with sassy pixie cuts too. She often beautifies it with layers, messy spikes, headbands and fresh hair colors that soften her brunette shade.

Stunning Hairstyle Trends for Red Hair

Red is a trendy hair color with its natural and unnatural tones. Everyone opts for the most flattering tone of red for her hair. Some have naturally red hair which inspires so many women all over the world. However, there is one important detail that any redhead should pay attention to. It’s the haircut and hairstyle ideas she chooses. Check out these trendy hairstyles for red hair and embrace your shade with the right hairstyles.hairstyles for red hair 2017Pixie Haircut for Red Hair

Bright red hair colors perfectly go with short haircuts like pixies. If you belong to the brave group of women who are not afraid of short boyish haircuts then this style is special for you. Whether you have red hair or are thinking of a it as your ultimate shade for pixie cut this is a great choice of all. Fiery red can be combined with many skin tones and eye hues. The main matter is finding the best shade according to your complexion.

2017 Best Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

When you have fine hair it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for short haircuts. The fact is that many thin-haired beauties claim that their locks have become thicker and fuller-looking after short cuts. Try a trendy short haircut for fine hair in 2017 and you’ll see the great change that it does with your locks. Here represented options will help you make the right choice according to your hair texture.short haircuts for thin hair 2017Layered Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

The versatility of bob haircuts is so inspiring that any woman wants to try a bob style at least once in her life. If you, too, seek for this hairstyle but you have fine hair then pick a layered cut and you’ll stop complaining of the dull look of your hairstyle. Layers create shag, which in its turn makes hair look thicker and fuller, therefore solving the problem of a thin hairstyle. You can combine it with side swept bangs if you like fresher touches.

Sleek Updo Hairstyle Trends 2017

Although loose, messy and wavy updos are very elegant and chic but sometimes all we need is a tight, cozy and sleek updo hairstyle for a special occasion where we need to sparkle with our classy style. Besides having some cute loose updo options you should also learn at least 2 or 3 trendy sleek updo hairstyles for 2017. I have collected the most popular and powerful sleek updo hairstyles to inspire you for your coming party.sleek updo hairstyles 2017Low Sleek Bun Hairstyle

The low sleek bun is known as one of the coziest updo hairstyles that keeps front hair out of the face so daintily and beautifully. It’s a chic solution for medium to long hair. Nowadays stylists offer to combine the low bun hairstyle with deep side parting and sleek finishes for a better and trendier look. You can choose this hairdo for your second day and greasy hair when you have no time for hair styling or you may rock it at an official party or event.

Latest Prom Bun Hairstyle Ideas

Would you like to experiment with the newest bun hairstyles? I have collected the latest modern solutions special for the big fans of bun hairdos. Some of these hairstyles are great combinations of two different hair styling ideas, that’s why the result is more beautiful and attractive. Taking into account the fact that bun hairstyles are cozy and elegant many can wear them not only for prom nights but also in everyday life as casual easy hairstyles.bun hairstyles 2017Braid Bun Hairstyle

One of the most luxurious hairstyles for wedding parties and special days is the following braid bun hairstyle. It’s big, flashy and very lavishing. Women with long hair can opt for this hairstyle for their big day. It’s ideal with elegant accessories and trendy makeups. The thicker your hair the prettier will be the result. You will get a fantastic hairdo thanks to the posh braids holding the bun in a polished look.

Afro-Curly Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Do you belong to the category of unique girls who rock Afro-curls? Find out new Afro-curly hairstyles ideas for 2017 to beautify your current hairstyle and make it fancier. This cool hair type is all about fun and fascination. It allows you to change up your look a little bit but you can try many differing hairstyles to bring out your beauty from different sides. Now, have a look at this string and find your inspiration.curly hairstyles 2017Rounded Afro-Curls

The latest runway shows are inspired by the Afro style and many models even with straight hair rock the big Afro frizz. This hairdo captures many hearts. It’s an eye-catching and seductive hairstyle idea to choose for a variety of occasions. The center parting makes it even fancier. If you want to get a fantastic volume on your locks then this hairstyle is just on point. It will draw more attention and will frame your face with a round shape.

2017 Fake Bob Hairstyles from Celebrities

Many celebrities have gone for faux hairstyles but the most fascinating and popular one is the fake bob hairstyle for 2017. It’s like you have gone for a short hairstyle without chopping your hair off. Doesn’t it sound cool? Let’s discover the most gorgeous celebrities who have tried this hairstyle on their medium and long hair and no-one have guessed that it’s not a real bob.faux bob hairstyles 2017 celebsCate Blanchett Fake Bob Hairstyle

Blonde-haired Cate Blanchett is the first on our list with a fake bob hairstyle. She has worn a cute and elegant bob haircut. This is not the only time she rocks this hairdo. It seems as if she is in love with the bob style but is still thinking of cutting her hair off. It makes her look younger and prettier. The deep side part and gentle locks make this hairstyle look legit. It’s a cool idea for many women of her age.

Twisted Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

A major hair trend is in and I am here to offer you the latest creative hairstyles.  Check out the delightful twisted hairstyles for long hair and start your day with a fancy hairdo. Twisted hairstyles are more effortless than the majority of braids. So, this time you are going to spend less on hair styling and get a sophisticated look. I use some of these hairstyles not only just as cozy hairdos but also a cool trick to get loose waves when my hair is damp.twisted hairstyles for long hair 2017Twisted Bangs Hairstyle

Grown out bangs? Yes, they are sometimes annoying and you don’t know what to do with them. Let’s opt for a twisting technique and style bangs into this lovely hairdo. You can get it so easily and quickly.

2017 Medium Haircuts with Trendy Waves

Mid-length haircuts with trendy waves for 2017 come up with several posh styles and looks. They all differ from each other with their styling techniques and final looks. The best thing about medium haircuts is that they can be styled into any wavy hairdo you like. This means, that the below represented hairstyles are great for anyone who has mid-length hair.medium wavy hairstyles 2017Marcel Waves for Medium Hair

Marcel waves are always there for medium haircuts. They are styled with special techniques and are inspired by retro hairdos. Compared with many wavy hairstyles Marcel waves are polished, neat, sleek and classic. They don’t create a mess or additional volume on your hair and are great when you want to have a net and elegant appearance. Marcel waves can be combined with deep side parting for a better look.

5 Unique Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Whether it’s a creative ponytail or a complicated updo it will always look prettier with braids. These 5 unique braided hairstyles for 2017 are going to make you think of rather fascinating hairdos and styles. After reading this article you will start trying some cuter braided hairstyles on your locks to archive more modern and attractive looks. They differ from the rest of plaits with their original solutions and twists. Unveil the interesting world of braids with the help of the most recent looks.braided hairstyles 2017Mohawk Braided Updo Hairstyle

If you think that pixie haircuts are the only hairstyles that give you the chance to rock Mohawks then look at this stunning hairdo. It’s a messy braided updo with the same shape of the Mohawks. This means that long-haired women can also wear Mohawk hairdos without cutting their hair off. Such a cool hairstyle is worth trying especially if you plan to have a posh look at the coming party.