Oscars 2017: Best Celebrity Looks and Hairstyles

Keeping up with the latest news there I go with the best celebrity looks seen at the biggest award show of the year. Here are celebrity hairstyles at Oscars 2017. While other discuss the confusions about the best picture, the hot opinions about the best actor and actress I am here to draw your attention on the best hairstyle ideas that our cute celebs like to rock on the red carpet. You are going to fall in love with some of the most fashionable and inspiring hairdos for prom nights and parties. Get your ultimate inspiration.hairstyles 2017 OscarsEmma Stone Oscars 2017: Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Being awarded as the best actress of the year Emma Stone should also be awarded as one of the most stunning and beautiful celebrities of the evening. Her sophisticated and glamorous Givenchy Couture dress is the ideal choice for her red loose wavy lob hairstyle. It creates a contrasting yet very subtle combination and makes her stand out in the crowd. This stunner always opts of the trendiest hairstyles even if they have retro touches. In this case, she rocks loose finger waves with sleek and deep side parting.  

2017 Cutest Updo Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

When it comes to updo hairstyles hair stylists and experts tell that the best effects are generally seen on blonde hair. Light hair colors ideally bring out the details of updo hairdos especially when they are styled with complicated elements. Special for blonde-haired ladies here are the trendiest updo hairstyles for blond hair 2017. While brunette shades are deep and dark and hid some features of updo hairstyles, blonde hair colors enhance the beauty of updos and their structures.blonde updo hairstyles 2017Blonde Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

Blonde shades look gorgeous with milkmaid braids. They create the most sophisticated combinations and take us back to the medieval times. This is a kind of royal and luxurious hairstyle trend that ideally works with blonde hair colors. It’s even more attractive and stylish with dark roots. You can go for a center parted milkmaid braid updo hairstyles and frame your face with loose bangs. It’s also called crown or halo braid updo.

Short Haircut Ideas for Thinning Hair

When hair starts getting thinner women do their best to find out the most suitable haircuts and hairstyles, which create volume and make hair look thicker. Among them you can meet many short haircut ideas for thinning hair. Find the best haircut trend according to your hair type and refresh it with a shirt and stunning cut. These hairstyles are chosen from the most recent hair trends and runway inspired cuts.short haircuts for thinning hair 2017Short Layered Haircut

Layers are always recommended when hair is thin and soft. Layered haircuts add volume and body to fine locks and make hair look fuller. Of course, you should style them right for the best result as sleek and dull layers won’t make your thin hair look thicker. Use blow-drier and volumizing hair products to achieve stunning hairstyles with layers. Opt for a suitable short haircut according to your face shape and then look for the trendiest hairstyles for short layers.

2017 SS Messy Updo Hairstyle Trends

While autumn and winter require sleek and polished hairstyles spring and summer are all about messy, wavy and voluminous hairdos. Find your ultimate hair inspiration among these messy updo hairstyles trends for SS 2017. Say goodbye to the tight, sleek and “serious” hairdos and welcome the most feminine, ethereal and angelic looks. You are going to fall in love with some of these fantastic hairdos.messy updo hairstyles 2017Adam Selman SS 2017: Messy Twisted Updo Hairstyle

The first messy updo hair trend seen on the runway of Adam Selman SS 2017 show is the twisted shag style. This hairdo is extravagant and contrasting. It differs from the rest of updo hairstyles we are used to wear. Twists are tight and comfy hair styling solutions that go well with messy, frizzy and wavy hair too. If you have such, then keep control over the shag with the help of this cool and fancy updo hairstyle.

Hottest Bob Haircuts with Bangs 2017

Bangs play a great role in the refreshment of hairstyles and haircuts. They are easiest ways to spice up your look and change it up into a cuter and younger appearance. Here are the hottest bob haircuts with bangs for 2017. Whether you have an old-fashioned bob seeking for a modern touch or just want to go for a bob haircut with bangs, these hairstyles will help you to make the right choice according to your hair type, its thickness and texture.bob haircuts with bangs 2017French Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

French bobs are the evolved styles of bowl bob haircuts, which are usually worn on straight hair. They are accompanied by short bangs, which are both edgy and pretty. You can opt for this fringe style if you are looking for something comfy and trendy. It hides half of the forehead and looks very beautiful. In order to make it nicer you may dye your hair in a jet black, platinum blonde or bright copper red shade.

Inspiring Natural Hairstyles from Celebrities

Girls with natural curls are always in a search of cool and trendy styling ideas as their hair type gives them little hair styling options. This type needs regular updates, new haircuts and hair styling ideas. Check out the most inspiring natural hairstyles from celebrities. They know how to deal with it and rock in the best way.celebrity curly hairstyles 2017Rihanna Natural Curls

Although Rihanna often goes for super straight and long hairstyles but everyone knows that he natural hair type is the voluminous Afro. It suits her very much especially when she finds the best hairstyles to match with it. In fact, Rihanna likes to refresh her curly hairstyles with trendy hair colors. Here you see her in a rich burgundy red shade, which daintily shines on her curls and makes her medium haircut very attractive.

2017 Easy-To-Style Hairstyles for Short Cuts

Those who have gone for short haircuts to have low-maintenance style have surely succeeded but sometimes there are cases when you want less and less maintenance and therefore start looking for easy-to-style short hairstyle trends for 2017. Here they are! Have a look at the best string of easy-to-do hairstyle ideas for short cuts and enter the world of fashion with more confidence.2017 easy hairstyles for short hairMessy Waves for Short Hair

Do you think that your short pixie haircut is dull without waves but you don’t have enough time for proper styling? There is the easy and quick messy wavy hairstyle idea that works for all occasions. It’s an effortless style to match with short layers.  

Most Flattering Hairstyles for Red Hair 2017

Red hair is undeniable cool and unique. Girls with natural red hairstyles stand out in the crowd with their dainty and mysterious looks. If you are one of them then this article is special for you. Find out the most flattering hairstyles for red hair in 2017. These hairdos will help you enhance the charm of your red locks and will make them look fancier.red hairstyles 2017Ginger Red Curls

Those with natural ginger red hair usually have messy and cute curls. This hair type best suits light red hair colors and if you have just gone for a warm strawberry blonde or shiny ginger red shade then you may style your hair in this lovely hairdo. Use hair curling tools and try to achieve natural-looking curls. The longer your hair the more natural it will look, but the fact is that ginger curls are beautiful in short cuts too.

Freshest Braided Hairstyle Ideas from Runways

The use of hair accessories has become more and more popular especially for braided hairstyles. While winter forbids too much use of hair accessories spring opens up all the doors of stylish embellishments for our braided hairstyles. Check out the recent freshest braided hairstyle ideas from runways and pick up creative hair styling and embellishing ideas for your plaits. These are going to blow your mind away with their fascinating touches.spring 2017 braided hairstyles 2017Antonio Marras Spring 2017: Braided Updo Hair

The first hair trend from runways is the following braided updo hairstyle represented at Antonio Marras spring 2017 show. It’s an edgy and eye-catching braided style with flashy accessories on the top part. Paired with bold makeup it looks more attractive and interesting. It seems as if there is a kind of pop of color due to the hair accessory and makeup shades. It can be chosen as a polished and comfy prom hairdo.

2017 Hottest Hairstyles for Women over 20

Girls in their 20’s are very energetic, beautiful, seductive and feminine. They try to find out the most gorgeous hairstyles according to their hair length and texture but sometimes they forget to match the chosen haircuts with their age. A haircut can change a lot in your look. It can either make you look younger or older. But there are cases when the haircut tells your real age and makes you more confident in your style. Check out 2017’s hottest hairstyles for women over 20 and keep in mind that a fresh haircut can do miracles with your cute appearance.hairstyles for women over 20 for 2017Emma Watson Pixie Hairstyle

Light-shaded pixie hairstyles are very popular these days among young women. The majority is inspired by the stunning celebrities who take the first step and shop off their hair into such short haircuts. One of them is Emma Watson who has decided to go for a short pixie haircut to get a low-maintenance style as well as to draw attention to her killer facial features. It suits both her face shape and age.