Hottest Hairstyle Trends 2017 Men Love

Hair trends tend to change up quite often but the ones men love are always in style. Here is the list of the hottest hairstyles for 2017 that men really love. There is something very seductive, attractive and capturing in these hair trends. They come up with some common and interesting touches, which make them so hot and charming. Whether it’s your first date night or you have been together for years you need to discover the secrets of the best hairstyles that highlight your femininity. Here they are!Jessica Alba Sleek Hairstyle

The super straight and sleek hairstyle is always in thing. It’s one of the simplest yet one of the most seductive hairdos any women can rock for casual days and special occasions. Stylists offer different modern touch ups for this hairstyle time to time. You can wear them either with side or center parting. Take an example from Jessica Alba who has the power to capture male hearts with her stunning hairstyles.

Beautiful Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Braided hairstyles will never be out of style as they are the most gorgeous styles that stylists update every single day and provide us with newer ideas. Here are brand new braided hairstyle trends to consider for special occasions, office looks and just for casual evening parties. They are so girlish and attractive that you’ll certainly keep all eyes on your stunning and super trendy look.Beautiful Braided Hairstyle IdeasCorset Braid

Corset braids have become popular after several fashion shows where models were rocking this cool style. It’s a creative braiding idea achieved with subtle ribbons, which bring out your hair color. If you have long and thick hair you can get a fascinating and eye-catching corset braid with colorful or subtler ribbons. This style is really amazing and flashy. It will make you stand out with your creativity.

5 Super Easy Updo Hairstyles 2017

Among millions of updo hairstyles we meet both easy and complicated options. Depending on our hair styling skills we choose several cool and trendy styles for our casual days and special occasions. While stylists are skillful and professional in creating awesome updos common fashionistas try to find out as many easy hairdos as possible to beautify their locks. Here are 5 super easy updo hairstyles for 2017.5 Super Easy Updo Hairstyle 2017Crown Braid Updo Hairstyle

The first fascinating updo hairstyle to rock in 2017 is the messy crown braid updo. It’s a royal hairstyle idea for real princesses. If you want to turn heads with your stunning look then this hairdo is just on point. It’s a delightful and interesting hairstyle that looks pretty even with messy touches. You can choose it for rainy, windy days as well as for special occasions.

Midi Hairstyle Trends 2017

Seeking for medium hairstyle inspiration? You are in the right place. Check out these midi hair trends for 2017 and pick up new cuts to refresh your long hair update your current medium hairstyle. These hairdos are awesome for many hair types and textures. They are pretty and fashionable at the same time. What else do you need to look youthful and fresh?Midi Hairstyle Trends 2017Midi Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hair colors are becoming more and more popular between midi hairstyles too. This hair length allows playing with dark roots and lighter hair tips. The result is always pleasing if you choose the right shades according to your base hair color. Here is a one cool example of a medium ombre hairstyle to give you the idea on how to deal with it right to get the desired look. It’s a delightful combo between dark brown and blonde hair colors.

Elegant Side Bun Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to bun hairstyles we see several traditional and casual ideas but there are cuter and more elegant options, which we choose for a variety of events. Here are the best elegant side bun hairstyles to inspire you for your upcoming prom looks. They are very sophisticated, feminine and attractive. You’ll love wearing some of these trendy options.Elegant Side Bun Hairstyle IdeasCinnamon Swirl Bun Hairstyle

It seems as if the cinnamon swirl has a huge influence not only on the trendy hair colors with its sweet and warm colors but also on hairstyles. This bun hairstyle differs from the rest with its design and cool style. It’s a side cinnamon bun in a blonde and brown combination. You can wear it on medium to long hair with great confident. It’s ideal for an important event, date night and even wedding day.

2017 Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

The wet-look hair trend is having its moment and it has “decided” to have its influence on many popular hairstyles. Among them we find the traditional ponytail. Check out the best wet-look ponytail hairstyles for 2017. You are going to get a new inspiration for the simple ponytail hairstyles. These are cozier and trendier ponytails, ready to spice up your look and display your killer facial features.  2017 Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle IdeasSlicked Back Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Have you always dreamed of a classy and tight ponytail that fights against your messy locks and wins? Here is the comfy slicked back ponytail with its fantastic tightness. You will never feel discomfort wearing it. Just use hair oils or high-shine products to get the super sleekness on your wet strands. Then take elastic and tie a low ponytail hairstyle at your neck.

5 Biggest Hair Trends to Rock 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice of hairstyles when there are millions of trend but the fact is that a few options are the most popular and requested styles. Below you’ll find the 5 biggest hair trends for 2017. If you haven’t discovered the latest trendy hairstyle ideas yet then this article is for you. Find out the most gorgeous hairstyle ideas that look so beautiful and bring out your cute trends 2017Super Sleek Hair Trend

The tendency of wearing long hairstyle is quite common and popular but what about the super seek, straight and shiny style. From now on you’ll surely use your flat iron more often.

Long Hairstyles from Runway Backstage

You often see runway beauty looks and backstage moments that give new and cool ideas of hairstyles, hair colors and makeup tips. This time your source of inspiration is going to be the long hairstyle trends from runway backstage for spring 2017. Are you looking for hotter hair styling solutions? Keep on reading and learn as much as you can from these seductive looks.Long Hairstyles from Runway BackstageLong Pigtail Braids Hairstyle

Pigtail braids are having their moment. They are here to replace thick and eye-catching plaits with their subtleness and youthful touches. Long pigtails can be of different styles and braided effects but the main principle is having thin and simple styles. You can center part your hair and then style into multiple braids. Secure them with elastics at the tips.

Hottest Celebrity Hair Transformations 2017

Celebrities who like to draw attention to their looks and styles often go for new haircuts, hairstyles and hair color ideas. While some try crazy shades others keep up with the latest hairstyle trends for 2017. Let’s have a look at the hottest celebrity hair transformations to pick up some new styles for our stylish looks.Hottest Celebrity Hair Transformations 2017Katy Perry Short Pixie Haircut

Katy Perry’s hair transformations are countless. It seems as if she starts thinking of a new hair color or haircut every morning. Her haircut and hairstyle ideas inspire many of her fans. Recently she again said goodbye to long hairstyles and went for a short pixie cut. She is stunning both in blonde and brunette hair colors, which make her very fresh and delightful. Her short cuts are never harsh as she has slender facial features and subtle face shape.

2017 Short and Medium Hairstyles from Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson is a famous American television host and sportscaster who often appears with trendy hairstyle ideas that inspire us to change up our style and looks. Today we’ll focus on the hottest short and medium hairstyles for 2017 from Charissa Thompson is an American television host and sportscaster. If you want to experiment with new hairstyles and hair colors then keep on reading to discover Charissa Thompson’s most favorite short and medium haircuts and hairstyles.2017 Short and Medium Hairstyles from Charissa ThompsonCharissa Thompson Medium Layered Haircut

Let’s start from the face-framing and feminine medium layered haircut that Charissa Thompson prefers rocking on her soft hair. This hairstyle is a great option for many office women. It’s classy and trendy at the same time. If you want to keep your hair fresh and sparkling then copy Charissa Thompson’s medium layers and opt for flattering bangs. Go for straight and side swept hairstyle with lovely volume on the top part.