6 Hot Pixie Hairstyles

The edgiest haircut for women of all times is the pixie cut. This boyish and masculine style is no longer something new for us. It has become so popular that any woman tired of her long mane goes for a short cut just considering pixie cuts. Pixie hairstyles are requested among many celebrities too. Those who want to bring out their cute face or draw attention to their astonishing look go for short pixie haircuts. Here you see the latest trends of pixie hairstyles.pixie-hairstyles-2017Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Undercuts are popular male hairstyles but they are stolen by women. This style is special for those who want to draw attention in the public. Since they are harsh stylists recommend going for girlish and cute hair colors to add a feminine touch and make them nicer. You can choose two-tone pastel hair color, blonde or silver shades for your hot undercut pixie hairstyle.

Coolest Messy Hairstyle Ideas

Messy hairstyles are listed on my favorite hair styles as they are not only trendy but also very attractive. Women with fancy messy hairstyles always differ from the rest with their unique looks and individual style. If you like to discover new and crazier messy hairdos then keep on reading. I’ll show you how women look gorgeous even with messy hairstyles.messy-hairstyles-for-2017Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Wet-look, razor cut, layered, shaggy and crazy pixie haircuts give us the best opportunity to rock cool messy hairstyles. Here you see one such example. It’s a stunning short pixie cut with long bangs which hide the forehead and create a full messy look. It sparkles in its blonde balayage and ombre mixture which adds softness and creates a nicer effect.

Men’s Hottest Hair Trends 2017

I like it when a man cares about his haircuts and hairstyles. It means that he keeps up with the fashion and does his best to stand out in the crowd with his stylish look. Many women pay special attention to men’s hairstyles as something individual and interesting is hidden behind your choice. Check out these hot hairstyles for men for 2017. The better your hairstyle the more masculine you’ll look.haircuts-for-men-2017Undercut for Men

Undercuts are the fanciest hairstyles for the moment. Even women steal this style from men’s fashion. If you haven’t tried it yet, then leave your hair grow out a little bit and then ask your stylist to chop off your locks into a cool and fresh undercut with shaved or short cut sides. Style it into straight slicked back hairstyles, shaggy side swept looks or messy waves.

Fancy Shoulder-Length Haircuts

Medium hairstyles and haircuts are the most requested styles among women all over the world. They come up in a variety of structures depending on the haircut you choose. You can keep it either simply straight or go for shaggy layers, waves and curls. The choice is up to you and it mostly depends on your hair texture, length and style. Here I have brought out some of the best shoulder-length haircuts for anyone who is tired of her long tresses or have decided to refresh her grown out strands.medium-hairstyles-2017Lob Haircut

The difference between long bobs and common medium haircuts is that lobs have a jump-y effect and a special movement which makes them more attractive. This haircut is ready to refresh any straight and thick hair. If your hair has lots of broken and damaged ends then update it with a long bob haircut. In spite its simple nature it has a sophisticated touch in it which is best reflected on loose waves and messy side swept hairstyles.

5 Cute Hair Color Ideas

If there is any other easy way to spice up your look then it’s surely with the help of a new hair color. Special for my fancy stunners here are 5 cute hair color ideas with the luminous and fresh tones. I have created a cool collection for all skin tones and natural shades. You can pick one of them according to your preferences. Take the desired look with you to explain your stylist what you really expect.new-hair-colors-2017Bronde Hair Color

You know why bronde became so popular? It’s the best hair color idea that flatter almost all skin tones and looks natural. Both blondes and brunettes take into account the lovely brined shade when it comes to trendy hair colors for 2017. This subtle tone of brunette-blonde is simple yet multidimensional. It has dark and light effects which are mixed in a natural combination of blonde and brown. Bronde is widely used by many celebrities who have always been looking for a new shade to balance down their blonde or brunette locks.

2017 Latest Trendy Layered Haircuts

Whatever you may try on your hair layered haircuts will always be there waiting for you. They are never out-of-date. Moreover, layered haircuts are worn on all hair lengths and they don’t ask hair type. The best part about layered haircuts is that they create a fresh structure for our hairstyles and tend to update the damaged tips. Let’s discuss the latest trendy layered hairstyles for 2017. I assure you that you are going to find your style.layered-hairstyles-2017Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Long tresses have the tendency of becoming easily broken and damaged. You should update long hairstyles as often as possible. Hairstylists mostly recommend doing so with the help of layered cuts.  Layered haircuts transform common and dull long hairstyles into fresher, more voluminous and attractive hairstyles with their signature movement.

New Long Hairstyles from Celebrities

All you want to copy from talented and inspiring celebrities are their trendy outfits, makeups, hairstyles and hair colors. We love those who keep their hair long enough to style in a variety of feminine hairdos. Among them we find Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, Solange and many others. Find out the best long hairstyles from celebrities and use the trends that seem to flatter your hair texture.long-celebrity-hairstyles-2017Kim Kardashian Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Look at this stunner. She is always the most seductive long-haired brunette in Hollywood. Her dark and luscious mane is often styled into the classiest hairstyles. One of the latest long hairdos that Kim Kardashian made a big trend is the slicked back straight style. This simple yet luxurious hairstyle ideally displays her capturing face.

Cute Bun Hairstyle Ideas for Busy Days

Buns are the second most convenient updo hairstyle after ponytails. While ponytails keep out hair out of the face they can sometimes annoy us on the back part when we have frizzy or unruly fly-away locks. This means that buns are cozier and they are ready to come for help for our busy days and late evenings. These cute bun hairstyles will inspire you to keep your style simple and sophisticated at the same time.bun-hairstyles-2017Low Twisted Bun Hairstyle

You may call it a low knot I call it a low bun with a twisted combination. This hairstyle goes well with medium to long hair and looks perfect on thick and straight strands. In order to style it in this polished effect you should use hair creams, flat iron and bobby pins. Twist your hair on the back part into a low bun and secure with bobby pins.

Easy to Do Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Any girl is familiar with at least two or three braided hairstyles, but it’s not enough to say that you keep up with the fashion. Even if you, yourself are not skillful enough in this field you still need to ask your stylist for new easy to do braided hairstyles for 2017. Today I’ll offer some cute ideas and will let you know how to style them, open your eyes wider, because we are going to be inspired again and again by the trendiest plaits.  easy-braided-hairstyles-2017Crown Braid Updo Hairstyle

There so many names for this hairdo that I would like to mention the most popular ones; halo, milkmaid, headband and of course crown, which creates a cute crown on the top of the head just with your hair. This hairstyle is used for rainy and windy days and for special occasions.

Bob Haircuts for All Hair Types

There are several hair types from straight to super curly which call for different cuts and hairstyle solutions. However, bob is one of the most flexible haircuts that goes well with all hair types and has something to offer for your hair too. Check out these trendy bob haircuts for all hair types and decide which style compliments your current hair state.bob-hairstyles-2017Straight Thick Bob Hairstyle

Thick and straight hair is the best state for a simple bob haircut. If you want to update your locks you’d better chop off your hair into this style. Combine it with straight or side swept bangs as a modern touch. You can easily style it with flat iron. Stylists recommend to keep straight bob hairstyles in single-tone black, brown, red or blonde shade. They provide with a classy effect.