Easy Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

Everyone knows how trendy bobby pins have become lately. They are the main hair accessories that we can see in models’ and celebrities’ jewelry boxes. Would you like to discover the latest easy hairstyles with bobby pins? It’s a great idea for lazy girls who want to look stylish and pretty but don’t want to spend much time on hair styling. Here are some of the hottest and most creative bobby pin hairdos.easy-hairstyles-with-bobby-pins-2017Twisted Bob with Bobby Pins

Short haircuts such as simple bobs or grown out pixies are not always that common and uninteresting. If you think, you can create cute hairstyles with bobby pins. Look at this lovely hairdo with twists and a large bobby pin. It’s a quick and effortless way to fix your hair.

Long Hairstyle Trends 2017

Super long and seductive hairstyles will never leave us. They are always in thing but sometimes need more creative solutions and styling approaches. Fortunately, stylists work hard and do their best to create fresh hairstyles not only for short haircut trends but also long hairstyles for 2017. Check out these lovely looks and get inspired by the freshest long hairdos with layers, bangs and other modern twists.long-hairstyles-2017Kim Kardashian Long Old Hollywood Curls

Kim has tried almost very long hairstyle in many shades of blonde and brown but she is an inspiring brunette with her glamorous hairdos. One of these hairstyles is her long Old Hollywood curls, which are considered as one of the most beautiful prom hairdos for long-haired ladies. It’s a trendy style to rock with deep side parting.

Cutest Short Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Teenagers are always interested in the latest trends and celebrity looks. They do their best to copy the best styles and stand out in the crowd. Young ladies like to play with various styles to find theirs at the end. Those who have decided to rock short cuts will like this string of the cutest short hairstyles for teenage girls. Whether you choose a pixie or bob haircut make sure it suits your face structure.short-haircuts-for-teenage-girls-2017Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle

Grown out pixie hairstyles are trendy in 2017 but they are mostly recommended for teenagers and women who want to look younger. This length is a playful and youthful one to style in many ways. You can even combine it with cute fishtail braids as additional girlish hints. Grown out pixie hairstyles look better with side swept bangs or layers.

Coolest Celebrity Lob Hairstyle Ideas

So long lob has been the most requested medium haircut among women of all age groups. If you have just decided to rock a trendy lob haircut then check out the coolest celebrity lob hairstyles to choose the best cut for your strands. Don’t forget about matching hair colors as they play a great role in this style. All kinds of long bob haircuts are ideal face –framing styles for different face shapes. These stunners know how to style it right.lob-hairstyles-celebrities-2017Emilia Clarke Messy Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Emilia Clarke loves long bob haircuts and she usually refreshes her hair with this cool style. Her messy and bouncy waves in ombre shade give the best idea how to play with lob haircuts. Light shades added to her face framing strands make the hairstyle subtler and prettier. It highlights her cuteness and girlish attractiveness. As for the center parted style, it creates balance and displays her dark roots.

2017 Latest Bun Hairstyles

Bun hairstyles are not updated quite often. They are worn in common and traditional ways and we seldom meet innovative ideas. However, creative designers and stylists care of this style time to time and sometimes make it a big trend. Here are the latest bun hairstyles for 2017. Keep your eyes on some of the choices to consider the most flattering hairdos for your locks. Keep up with the best bun hair trends.bun-hairstyles-2017Wet-Look Bun Hairstyle

Wet-look hair trend has taken the fashion world into storm.  It has its influence even on bun hairstyles. We see stunning twisted buns with sleek, tight and wet-look effects. This hairdo is a cool office style for business women. It is more than attractive with braids or twists.

Best Pixie Haircuts for Straight Hair

Any haircut has its demands concerning your hair type, texture and sometimes even shade. The secret to a trendy look is hidden behind the haircut you choose. Pixie haircuts have been requested among stylish women for a long time and they continue to be in thing. In spite of being short pixie has a lot to offer us for all hair types. Today you’ll see the most beautiful pixie haircuts for straight hair. Choose the most flattering cut for you.pixie-hairstyles-2017-straight-hairShort Straight Pixie Hairstyle

The shortest pixie haircuts usually have straight styles. Those looking for comfy and edgy haircuts for their thick and straight hair may like the idea of this pixie cut. It brings out facial features and looks awesome in light hair colors. If you wear it on dark hair it will be boyish. So, make sure to combine it with a nice, light and subtle shade.

Unique Bowl Bob Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to bowl bob haircuts many think that it’s all about old-fashioned styles which will never be stylish. But wait and you’ll see. Retro inspired bowl bobs are making a huge comeback with modern touches and twist. Actually the unique bowl bob has an interesting story. Stylists tell that it was an old haircut popular among people who had little many to fix their locks in salons. Today we see bowl bobs worn by celebrities. It’s an effortless hairstyle and can be worn by anyone who looks for a flashy, modern and low-maintenance hairstyle.bowl-bob-haircuts-2017What is it?

Since bowl haircut is not a simple and common style that we often see on the streets let’s go deeper into the details and discover the charm of this style. So, what is it? The perfect bowl cut means cutting hair all around in the same length starting from the bangs and going all the way around the back part. This is perhaps the simplest approach towards bow bob haircuts. Today creative hairstylists create more interesting and fashionable cuts by adding various elements, styling ideas and layers to the standard bowl bob cut.

Glowing Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Each season offers its hues and trends, and hair color trends for 2017 are already here. Check out my collection of the most glowing and fashionable shades and decide your next fresh hair color with the help of a professional stylist. Start your new transformation with your hair and you’ll amuse everyone around you. A trendy hair color can do miracles for you.hair-colors-2017Bronde Hair Color

One of the most popular hair color trends for 2017 is the fabulous bronde. This cute shade is a mixture of brunette and blonde hues which provide with a medium tone complimenting almost all skin tones. The reason why it is so required is obvious. Bronde is between all brown and blonde shades and tends to look natural.

Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

If you are not a big fan of sleek hairstyles then keep on reading as you are going to be inspired by the most sophisticated long wavy hairstyle ideas.  This string of wavy hairdos will take you to the world of the most feminine styles and will open the secret of looking so girlish with simple tricks. Wavy styles often undergo modern changes and they are always ready to provide us with festive looks.long-wavy-hairstyles-2017Long Beach Waves Hairstyle

Simple and sassy hairstyles sometimes look so cute and girlish that you don’t want to think of another option. One of my favorite hairstyles for long hair is beach waves. This effortless hairdo is awesome especially for straight and thin hair.

Best Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Long hair is always ideal for any updo hairstyle, but what about medium haircuts? Well, compared to short cuts mid-length hair also gives us enough hair styling solutions. Below you’ll see the best updo hairstyles for medium hair and will use them for date nights, formal occasions and wedding parties. Open your eyes wider and learn more fashionable tips and tricks for your medium haircut.updo-hairstyles-for-medium-hair-2017Braided Updo Hairstyle

Braids don’t ask hair length and texture. They are worn even on bob haircuts. So, medium locks will look awesome with stylish braids. You can place a lovely plait on one side of your hair and then finish it with a low messy bun hairstyle. Use bobby pins to secure it in place. In case you have thin hair you can tease the top part for additional volume.