Popular Shag Hairstyles

One of the most requested and popular hairstyles inspired by the 80’s trends is the shaggy style. It is worn on almost all hair types and lengths and is having its moment. Ultra-layered, feathered and all kinds of razor cuts that provide hair with additional volume also create shaggy looks and frame your face with a cool structure. The following shag hairstyles are the best options to try in 2017.shag-hairstyles-2017Medium Shaggy Hairstyle

From grown out pixie cuts to the fresh medium layers there is the great chance to rock a stunning shaggy hairstyle like this. Use hair sprays, blow drier and your own fingers to get the amazing spikes on the back and sides as well as a natural effect allover. This hairstyle is great for casual days. It’s super chic and cozy. You can combine it with messy bangs.

Stylish Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Fishtail is the biggest braided hair trend for the moment. Yes, it’s having its moment and I love how it captures so many female hearts. From the simplest fishtail to the most complicated braided hairdo achieved with fishtails here are the most popular and stylish fishtail braid hairstyles. Check out my carefully chosen collection of fishtail braids and learn as many plating ideas as possible for 2017.fishtail-hairstyles-2017Simple Fishtail Braid

You know what’s the best thing about the fishtail braid? It is cute in any style and looks quite thick. I often wear simple side fishtails to make my thin hair look a bit thick. It also beautifully brings out my hair color. You can opt for this hairstyle for casual days and for second-day hair.

Mid-Length Sleek Hairstyles 2017

Each time I prepare a special article about sleek hairstyles something very posh and elegant inspires me. Sleek hairdos are the shiniest and most polished hairstyles that make hair look so healthy and attractive. There are various types of sleek hairstyles for any length of hair and today we’ll discuss the latest mid-length sleek hairstyles for 2017. Meet the hairdos that compliment your hair length and welcome your preferences.mid-length-sleek-hairstyles-2017Straight Middle-Part Lob Hairstyle

This is one of my most favorite styles between all medium hairstyles. It’s the simple straight lob combined with middle parting. I always say that the most beautiful hairstyles are the ones created with effortless and simple techniques. So, straight and sleek lobs are just on point. They are perfect or all occasions and events. So many celebrities love straight and middle part lob hairstyles.

Easy To Do Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Compared with straight and frizz-free hair curls are unruly and annoying. They require special hair styling sills and techniques to look polished and neat. This article is devoted to the most beautiful and easy updo hairstyles for curly hair. If you are blessed with thick curls, then find out the flattering updos to use whenever you want to keep all annoying strands out of the face.easy-to-do-updo-hairstyles-for-curly-hair-2017Loose Curly Updo Hairstyles

Our source of inspiration are usually celebrities who have the same hair type as we do. So, Rihanna is one of the most inspiring stars with naturally curly hair. Of course, we have seen her in many sleek, straight and polished hairstyles but we love her cute curls too. This loose updo can be your ultimate fancy hairstyle for a date night. It is very effortless and chic at the same time. anyone with curly hair can achieve it by herself. The only thing you need to add is the long face framing bangs which complete the overall elegance.

Runway Looks: Best Ponytail Hairstyles

There are many hair styling ideas and hack to use when it comes to stylish ponytail hairstyles. Usually we get these ideas from the latest runway looks because posh designers and stylists do their best to offer us creative and more interesting hair styling solutions. If your dull ponytail is no longer the updo you want to rock then check out these inspiring runway pony hairstyles to try in 2017.ponytail-hairstyles-2017Loose Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

The role of hair accessories is becoming more popular for 2017. Nowadays the simplest and easiest hairstyles are embellished with stylish hair clips, large bobby pins and jeweled headbands. According to your preferences you can style your low and loose ponytail hairstyles with chic accessories. If you have straight hair you may use classic options and curly-haired ladies can go for more eye-catching and colorful embellishments.

Celebrity Pixie Haircuts for 2017

If you have decided to join the group of brave celebrities rocking pixie hairstyles in 2017 then check out these stunning examples of the hottest pixie cuts worn by some of our favorite famous ladies. Pixie cuts grab attention and highlight your facial features. If you are ready for this amazing transformation then start today. Decide the desired cut and visit the nearest salon.pixie-haircuts-celebrities-2017Valorie Curry Classic Pixie Hairstyle

Our cute twilight star Valorie Curry is here to inspire you with her short and classic pixie hairstyle. This is perhaps the easiest and the most popular pixie haircut that you can meet in the fashion world. However, it doesn’t suit everyone and requires slender face and too subtle facial features. Thanks to her flawless skin and light complexion Valorie Curry looks gorgeous in the warm reddish brown hair color.

Hottest Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long-haired beauties are really lucky as they have the opportunity to style any updo hairdo they like. Long, thick and healthy hair is blessing. So, instead of complaining of your tresses, just embrace them with the trendiest hairstyles. The hottest updo hairstyles for long hair that are in thing at the moment are as follows.updo-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2017Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

I think the most popular updo hairstyle for long hair is the ballerina bun. It will be in style as long as ballerinas rock it. This polished and attractive hairstyle is used not only by ballerinas but also by elegant and classic women who want to look as neat as possible as well as keep their strands out of the face.

Runway Inspired Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

Whenever you feel lack of hair inspiration just check out the best runway hair trends and copy the most inspiring hairstyles. Below I’ll represent the latest runway inspired wavy hairstyles as waves are always in style and they are ideal for any hair length. Whether you have a short pixie or long layered haircut, waves are suitable for any occasion. Just choose the best wavy hairstyle for your haircut.runway-wavy-hairstyles-2017Short Wavy Hairstyle

Short and messy hairstyles are everywhere in the fashion world. Although this haircut is more popular among celebrities but it is worn by seductive models too. Several brave ladies are not afraid of chopping off their locks into such short and eye-catching haircuts. They reasonably go for this style to bring out their cute face. Waves created on the top part look nicer thanks to the light and soft blonde shade.

Short Haircut Trends 2017

There are cool haircut ideas between short styles that are always in thing and are often updated with modern twists. This string of short haircut trends for 2017 is your next guide to the most popular and attractive short styles. If you already have a short haircut then refresh it with one of these styles and if you are thinking of chopping off your locks in order to get a low-maintenance hairstyle then gain you can make your choice right here and right now.short-haircuts-2017Short Shaggy Bob Haircut

The French bob haircuts are now replaced with short shaggy bobs. These are more voluminous and eye-catching haircuts both for straight and curly hair. Such a cool haircut looks better with warm and sun-kissed highlights. You are welcome to highlight it with the shades that compliment your base hair color. In order to get the messy spikes and the cute windblown effect you should use hair spray and blow drier.

5 Celebrity Hairstyles to Steal Now

If there is one thing you need right now, it’s a bit of new hair inspiration as new hairstyles can change our lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a cool party style or just a simple casual hairdo to change up your look here are 5 celebrity hairstyles to steal now. Take examples from these stunners who offer the latest hair trends with interesting solutions and harmonious touches.celebrity-hairstyles-2017Taylor Swift Platinum Blonde Bob

After the classic dirty blonde shade Taylor finally decided to experiment with the trendy platinum blonde shade. Taylor actually wen t for a cool shaggy bob haircut and paired it with a soft shade of platinum blonde. Then we saw her in a bold makeup which enhances her look and makes her hairstyle more eye-catching. Steal her style to capture many more hearts.