Newest Pixie Hairstyles for 2017

After so many celebrity looks with pixie cuts we may have some rest and enjoy the newest looks inspired both by celebrities and stylish models. Let’s check out the newest pixie hairstyles for 2017. This time I have chosen unique ideas to give you the best inspiration for 2017. Try something new and enjoy the advantage of being original.newest-pixie-hairstyles-for-2017Messy Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

When you cut off the sides of the hair instead of shaving you get the chance to match it with the rest of the messiness on the top. This type of pixie is a great idea for straight and thick hair. It is generally styled with shaggy touches and looks can be cut with layers which look better with highlights. Such hairstyles grab attention and highlight your personality.

Kylie Jenner’s Hottest Hairstyles

Being a hot source of inspiration for teenagers Kylie Jenner is a stylish celebrity with so many hairstyle and hair color makeovers. Although the hair colors she has experimented with are limitless today we’ll refer to Kylie Jenner’s hottest hairstyles to help you find out her best looks and most ravishing experiments. Check out these hairstyles and choose some for your next looks.kylie-jenners-hottest-hairstyles-2017Kylie Jenner Loose Waves Hairstyle

Leaving alone all her long and sleek hairstyles we would like to represent Kylie Jenner’s dark loose waves. This bouncy hairstyle is one of her best styles that make her thick locks even thicker and more voluminous. Its charm is hidden just behind the created volume. Dark hair colors look more natural on her strands than lighter hues and this raven shade is a good choice in this case. It looks better with middle parting.

Best Hairstyles for Layered Hair

Layered haircuts give us limitless hair styling options and ideas. There are both old-fashioned and trendy hairdos that make you decide between the best hairstyles for layered hair. With the help of this short guide you’ll find out the most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles that embrace layers and give them another charm. Check out and find your inspiration for your fresh Layered Hairstyle

The first is the classic and super neat straight layered hairstyle which can be combined with long face framing bangs. This sleek and lovely hairstyle looks ideal in any hair color. It is a perfect choice for office women and just for those who like tidy and elegant hairstyles. In order to make your layers so sleek and straight, use hair protective cream and flat iron. Then brush and middle part to frame your face beautifully.

Formal Hairstyles for Men 2017

Every time I do some research for stylish guys I do my best to find out the latest hair trends and inspiring looks to give the best ideas for you entre posh look. This time the turn is for formal hairstyles for men for 2017. Your formal occasions and parties will be more fascinating from now on you’ll meet the most beautiful hairstyle for your hair type and will capture so many hearts. So, let’s check out these male hairstyles together.polished-hairstyles-for-men-2017Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hair trend has become the favorite for many businessmen who like rocking classic looks. This hairstyle is cozy, high-shine and very attractive. It is ideal with elegant suits and looks better with minimal accessories. You can wear it for any special event to look so stunning.

Natural-Looking Hair Highlights

We all seek for hair color and highlights ideas that look natural, elegant and soft on our hair. If you are confused in the variety of trendy highlights, choose these natural-looking hair highlights to spice up your look. Each of us can easily pick the best shades for her hair to keep up with softness and tenderness. Some of the styles are so simple and easy that you can achieve at home. But try to consult with a hair colorist if you don’t know the most flattering hues for your base shade.natural-looking-hair-highlights-2017Beach Highlights

Beachy waves along with beach inspired highlights can be your next summer look. This combination works well on medium and long hairstyles. It is gorgeous especially on layers. Beach highlights are generally in light sandy blonde shades but they can vary according to the lightness or darkness of your bade shade. Just try the hue that’s one or two tone lighter than your natural hair color.

Coolest Medium Curly Hairstyles

When curls are in mid-length they look more voluminous than longer or shorter cuts. Additional volume in hair is always cooler and cuter. It doesn’t ruin your look. Moreover, medium curly hairstyles highlight your cuteness and beautifully frame your face with a rounded-shaped hairstyle. This is the perfect haircut style for women who want to grab attention and stand out with their “cheerful” look. Let’s find out the latest trends of medium curly haircuts and hairstyles to try in 2017.coolest-medium-curly-hairstyles-2017Medium Natural Curls

The first is of course the medium natural curly hairstyle. It’s the afro-frizz that seems to be the most fashionable medium hairstyle on the runway for the moment.  Even straight-haired models rock medium frizzy and curly hairstyles as the biggest hair trends. This is an awesome hair type and even if you don’t like it on your own strands you need to discover the best cuts for it to enjoy its real charm. So, start with a medium rounded bob or layered haircut.

Extra-Long Hair Trends for 2017

When hair is extra-long there is no way out to be unnoticed. We seldom meet women with too long and luscious hair. This type requires everyday care and is beautiful only if it’s healthy and shiny. Today you’ll see the best extra-long hair trends for 2017. In case you have long hair but have a kind of lack of inspiration check out these hairstyles and never ever complain of dull looks.extra-long-hair-trends-for-2017Extra-Long Sleek Hairstyle

When hair is wavy or curly you hardly notice damaged or broken ends but when it comes to straight hair you must be quite careful. This hair type is pretty in sleek and shiny hairstyles. It is easy to create with hair protective cream and flat iron. If you have bangs you can refresh them with blunt or layered cuts. The result is awesome especially with some sharp layers.

Prom Hairstyles from Hollywood Stars

Are you invited for a special party? If you have already chosen the festive gown, shoes, accessories and makeup then let’s decide your prom hairstyles inspired by celebs. Here you’ll see not only polished updo hairstyles but also loose waves and messy effects. Keep on reading and learn as many formal hairstyle ideas as possible.prom-hairstyles-from-hollywood-stars-2017Emma Watson Updo Hairstyle

While many like the gem accessories worn by Emma Watson you can focus on the hairstyle too as it’s prettier and more elegant. Accessories just highlight its beauty. If a ballerina bun is not the hairstyle you want but you still seek for a posh updo then try this dazzling hairdo and finish it with gemstones. Pull bangs to one side and spray hair spray to fix in place.

5 Bob Haircuts to Try Now

Bob is the cut that is always taken to the next level. Thanks to professional hairstylists we have the opportunity to opt for the bob haircuts that suit our face shape and go well with our entire style. If you like this haircut then discover its latest varieties and the most recent solutions. We’ll help you find the best cute for your hair.5-bob-haircuts-to-try-now-2017Short Bob Haircut with Bangs

Bang haircuts add an interesting effect to bob hairstyles. They are more beautiful when you match the styling technique. So, if you have straight hair then opt for a sleek bob with blunt bangs and if you have waves keep it wavy all around. As a modern haircut this hairstyle is very charming and attractive. In order to keep it so glamorous you need to dye your hair in a fresh monotone shade of red, blonde, brown or black.

2017 Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

When it comes to short hairstyles stylists have several festive styling versions to offer you for your big day or special event. Today you’ll find the best formal hairstyles for short hair for 2017. Have a look at these fancy examples and change up your simple haircut into a festive hairdo. The best part about short hair is that it’s low-maintenance and cozy for styling.2017-formal-hairstyles-for-short-hairShort Hair with Headband

The easiest solution for short cuts is the trick of headband. Any type of short hair will immediately become stylish and formal with the help of a trendy headband. While you use casual scarves for everyday life you can wear metallic, jeweled and shiny headbands for formal occasions. There are many subtle headbands that soften any short haircut making it more feminine and attractive.