Popular Shag Hairstyles

One of the most requested and popular hairstyles inspired by the 80’s trends is the shaggy style. It is worn on almost all hair types and lengths and is having its moment. Ultra-layered, feathered and all kinds of razor cuts that provide hair with additional volume also create shaggy looks and frame your face with a cool structure. The following shag hairstyles are the best options to try in 2017.shag-hairstyles-2017Medium Shaggy Hairstyle

From grown out pixie cuts to the fresh medium layers there is the great chance to rock a stunning shaggy hairstyle like this. Use hair sprays, blow drier and your own fingers to get the amazing spikes on the back and sides as well as a natural effect allover. This hairstyle is great for casual days. It’s super chic and cozy. You can combine it with messy bangs.medium-shag-hairstyle-2017Uneven Shag Hairstyle

Since shaggy hairstyles are achieved with the help of layers you can choose the structure you like most of all and the one that flatters your face. Lately many girls go for shaggy asymmetrical haircuts to highlight their individuality. The fun game of short and long layers is so capturing and interesting. Each of us can create her own signature style with uneven haircuts.uneven-shag-hairstyle-2017Short Shag Hairstyle

Are you looking for an innovative and modern styling idea for your short hair? Try this shaggy style and keep in mind that short shaggy hairstyles are quite eye-catching and edgy. They become softer with light hair colors. So, if you have decided to opt for a change, start with your hair color and then think of a new haircut.short-shag-hairstyle-2017Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

All kinds of waves and curls can create an overall voluminous effect but every style is shaggy and messy. There are polished waves and curls for formal occasions. We choose shaggy waves for casual days. They can make our bob haircuts very cute, girlish and lovely. You can achieve it with curling tools, sprays and blow drier. This hairstyle is a hot option and you can rock it even at a crazy night party. Don’t forget about vivid highlights.shaggy-bob-haircut-2017Long Shaggy Hairstyle

If you think that this is an old-fashioned hairstyle then check out the latest runway hair trends and you’ll notice that this particular shaggy hairstyle is one of the most dominants. It is everywhere in the fashion industry and is going to become a cool trend for 2017.long-shaggy-hair-2017