Hottest Messy Hairstyles 2017

You may look elegant and cute with a polished hairstyle but you’ll become more seductive with messy hair trends in 2017. Find out the best messy hairstyle ideas and their styling solutions to transform into a fancier lady this year. Girls with thin hair choose messy hairstyles to add texture and volume to their locks and women with thicker hair go for these styles to embrace their tresses. Find your messy hairstyle!messy hairstyles 2017Short Messy Pixie Hairstyle

You’ll surely like the idea of beautifying your short haircut with messy touches. What about a short messy pixie hairstyle that looks both bold and attractive? This length allows you to draw attention to your face. It’s a marvelous haircut for those who are tired of long or medium hair. You can combine it with baby bangs.messy pixie hairstyle 2017How to Style: First, take this image with you to the salon and ask your stylist for the same look if you have the same face shape. Opt for another pixie hairstyle if you have another face shape. Don’t forget about flattering bangs. Once you are done with the haircut use hair gels, sprays and blow drier for a spiky or messy hairstyle.

Messy Tousled Bob Hairstyle

Let’s take your bob or lob haircut to the next level with tousled waves. They are messy and soft. This is my number one hairstyle for my bob haircut as I have thin hair and it helps me to make it look voluminous, fuller and thicker.messy tousled waves for bob 2017How to Style: In Order to get tousled waves you can use several cool styling tricks. One of them is braiding. Second is twisting and the third is curling with special tools. If you choose the first and second options then spray sea salt hair spray before braiding or twisting. In case of curling blow dry your hair and then start curling into loose waves.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Something quite cozy and trendy is the messy bun, which is a best friend for many of us. High buns and top knots have become prom hairstyles thanks to many celebrities who prefer simpler and quicker hairstyles inspired by their own casual looks.messy bun hairstyle 2017How to Style: There is no difficulty in styling a high messy bun hairstyle. All you need is just gathering you hair on the top part and twist into a bun without combing or brushing. After this secure with elastic or bobby pins. If you like, you can frame your face with loose bangs if they don’t annoy you.

Layered Messy Hairstyle

It’s obvious that layered haircuts give us the chance to wear stunning messy hairstyles with or without waves. From shortest layered haircuts to the longest styles there are cool messy hairdos to pick up for 2017.  messy layered hairstyle 2017How to Style: Go for fresh layers and then pick up messy hairstyles. If you choose a wavy option then use curling iron, hot rollers or styling products to achieve beach waves, relaxed or loose wavy hairdos. Keep it natural and cute.