Formal Hairstyles for Men 2017

Every time I do some research for stylish guys I do my best to find out the latest hair trends and inspiring looks to give the best ideas for you entre posh look. This time the turn is for formal hairstyles for men for 2017. Your formal occasions and parties will be more fascinating from now on you’ll meet the most beautiful hairstyle for your hair type and will capture so many hearts. So, let’s check out these male hairstyles together.polished-hairstyles-for-men-2017Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hair trend has become the favorite for many businessmen who like rocking classic looks. This hairstyle is cozy, high-shine and very attractive. It is ideal with elegant suits and looks better with minimal accessories. You can wear it for any special event to look so stunning.formal-slicked-back-hairstyle-for-men-2017How to Style: Straight and thick hair taken to a short zone are the best for slicked back hairstyle but you can get it on medium hair too. So, use high-shine hair oils and hair styling spray. Apply the oils and comb all hair backwards. Then keep control over messy strands with the help of hair spray.

Polished Undercut for Men

Men’s undercut hairstyles are of different types. There are both polished and messy options for various tastes and preferences. Since the thing is about a formal occasion you’d better wear a polished undercut hairstyle. It’s my brother’s favorite. He rocks it like a real model.polished-undercut-for-men-2017How to Style: In order to get a cool undercut first choose the style that meets your interests. Take it with you and show your stylist. After this have some rest on the beauty chair and wait until your stylist is done with the cut. It can be combined with fades for a neater look. Styling options for polished undercuts are slicked back and neatly side parted hairstyles.

Side Parted Hairstyle for Men

The most polished hairstyle for men is the deep side parted with sleek finish. This is often seen on the catwalk worn by stylish models. It’s a masculine and attractive hairstyle that looks perfect with formal outfits and accessories.side-swept-hair-for-men-polished-2017How to Style: Use wet hair products to make your hair as sleek as possible. Rub hair oils and create the deep side parting. If you already have a hard part haircut then you can get the look quicker and easier. Brush a huge part of hair to one side and fix it with hair spray. Keep the back part straight and neat.

Polished Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Who says all polished and tidy hairstyles in straight and sleek looks? Waves can also look formal if you opt for the right styling tips and tricks. This awesome medium wavy hairstyle is a big trend for men who are blessed with natural waves.polished-wavy-hair-for-men-2017How to Style: Update your haircut with fresh layers or go for a simple bob haircut. Then use hair sprays that take away the odd messiness from your hair making it fresh and polished. Comb if it’s necessary and go for a center parting. Focus on the bangs if you have any creating a side parted and frizz-free effect.