Shoulder-Length Hairstyle Ideas for Spring

We already feel the breathe of spring and try to find out matching hairstyles and hair colors for this tender season. Have a look at the best shoulder-length hairstyles for spring. It’s the best time of the year to try as many subtle hairdos as possible. These are the fewest options that you can find for medium haircuts but they are the trendiest and most popular styles for 2017.medium hairstyles 2017Shoulder-Length Wavy Hairstyle

One of the most delightful hairstyles for shoulder-length hair is the wavy hairdo. It’s an easy to do hairstyle and is perfect for thin locks. You can wear it both in everyday life and for special events.medium waves hairstyle 2017How to Style: First decide the styling method that best goes with your hair. There are braiding, twisting and curling techniques as well as the use of special hair products. I myself, choose a twisting idea as it goes well with my sleek and straight thin hair type. Others go for curling tools or sea salt hair sprays. The choice is up to you.

Fresh Layers for Medium Hair

Layered cuts are great for all lengths of hair including medium styles. If you feel as if the tips of your hair are damaged, dry and broken then you should opt for a fresh haircut. Let it be the trendy layered style.fresh layers for medium hair 2017How to Style: Choose a layered structure for your hair and ask your stylist for the same effect. Once he/she is done with the cut you can opt for blow drying, flat ironing or curling idea to style your fresh shoulder-length layers. This haircut will frame your face.

Braided Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Instead of the traditional French braid hairstyle you can opt for a tight faux undercut braid for your shoulder-length hair. it’s another French plait that creates the same effect as bold and eye-catching undercuts.braided hairstyle for medium hair 2017How to Style: Just pull the side part hair and braid it into a thin and tight French plait. You can go for multiple braids if your hair is thick. Secure the braid at the nape with hair elastic and achieve subtle waves with curling tools. Finish with hair spray.

French Twist Updo for Medium Hair

French stylists have always given us the most attractive hair styling solutions for different types and lengths. Another cool hairstyle is the French twist updo that makes shoulder-length hair quite attractive and polished.French twist for medium hair 2017How to Style: Brush your hair gently and rub hair cream to make it sleek. Then twist hair tightly and create French twist on the back part. Use bobby pins to secure it. Finish with light hair spray and pull your bangs to one side if there are any.

Sombre Hair Color for Medium Hair

While others choose ombre and balayage hair colors to embrace their long hair I offer to go for sombre hair colors if you have shoulder-length tresses. Sombre looks nicer and more natural-looking with medium haircuts.medium hair in sombre 2017How to Style: Ask your hairstylist for sombre highlights combined with warm and dark roots. Then style the created effect with loose wavy and straight hairstyles. half-updos, braids and different updo hairstyles will just make sombre hair colors more sophisticated and elegant.