Mid-Length Sleek Hairstyles 2017

Each time I prepare a special article about sleek hairstyles something very posh and elegant inspires me. Sleek hairdos are the shiniest and most polished hairstyles that make hair look so healthy and attractive. There are various types of sleek hairstyles for any length of hair and today we’ll discuss the latest mid-length sleek hairstyles for 2017. Meet the hairdos that compliment your hair length and welcome your preferences.mid-length-sleek-hairstyles-2017Straight Middle-Part Lob Hairstyle

This is one of my most favorite styles between all medium hairstyles. It’s the simple straight lob combined with middle parting. I always say that the most beautiful hairstyles are the ones created with effortless and simple techniques. So, straight and sleek lobs are just on point. They are perfect or all occasions and events. So many celebrities love straight and middle part lob hairstyles.sleek-middle-part-lob-2017Side Swept Straight Medium Hair

Another easy hair trend is the side swept straight medium hairstyle, which looks more seductive than the classic and well balanced middle part. This hairdo is amazing both on thick and thin hair. It can be either a wet-look or just sleek and frizz-free. The choice depends on your hair color and hair type. If you have a two-tone hair color you’d better opt for wet-look straight hairstyles and in case of monotone shades keep it simpler.straight-side-swept-medium-hair-2017Medium Slicked Back Hairstyle

An eye-catching and glamorous hairstyle idea for medium cuts is the slicked back trend. It is usually worn on straight hair but can be combined with loose waves too. Some prefer to combine it with high and voluminous bouffant and others like tight and wet-look styles. You can secure the desired result with bobby pins on the sides or leave it the way it is.medium-slicked-back-hair-women-2017Sleek Bun Hairstyle for Medium Hair

If you are looking for a tight and cozy updo hairstyle to keep control over your mid-length locks, consider this fancy bun hairstyle. It’s always easier to get tight hairstyles than loose and pretty hairdos. So, use hair sprays, creams and gels to make your locks as sleek as possible and then achieve this low bun hairstyle. Use it for your complete formal looks. sleek-bun-for-medium-hair-2017Layered Sleek Medium Hairstyle

Layered haircuts are best reflected on straight hairdos. If you have medium layers and want to look elegant you need to style it into a sleek and straight hairstyle like this posh lady. It may become your best hairstyle for any occasion. You can match it with layered, side swept or blunt bangs.sleek-layered-medium-hair-2017