Half-Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Mid-length haircuts are quite versatile and flexible. Unlike short cuts they still give us some possible updo styling opportunities. Among them the most popular style is the half-updo. If you have medium hair and can’t find the best hairstyles to make it elegant then check out this string of half-updo hairstyles for medium hair and learn as many semi-updo hairstyle ideas as possible for mid-length cuts.half-updo-hairstyles-for-medium-hair-2017Medium Braided Half-Updo Hairstyle

Whether your hair is straight or curly braids are never odd. They complete any simple hairstyle making it more attractive and festive. Choose any braided style you like and match it with common half-updo hairstyles. It’s easy, quick and pretty at the same time.medium-braided-half-updo-2017How to Style: If you want to copy this hairstyle then start with curling. Take big curling rollers or use a curling iron. Once the curls are ready and cool you can pass on to the braids. Plait the face framing strands into any loose or tight plait and bring them to the back part. Secure those with a stylish hair accessory and you are done with a cute hairstyle.

Medium Twisted Half-Updo Hairstyle

Would you like to try a unique and more interesting semi-updo? What about a twisted style? It’s a nice and fascinating hairstyle for formal occasions. You can wear it for your birthday party or just for a date night. Such hairstyles are feminine and cute.twisted-half-updo-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Take a curling iron and start with loose curls. Fix them with hair spray at the tips and pass on to the rest of styling. Take tight elastic and wear it over the head. Twist the half of the back part hair into it and create this cute roll.

Medium Half-Bun Hairstyle

Even bob haircuts allow us to go for this stylish hair trend. It’s a popular hairstyle for many hair types and looks perfect with thick strands. You can rock it on casual days as your common hairstyle. Half-buns are great when it comes to messy hair. They provide you with a neater look and keep control over hair.half-bun-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Start with combing your hair gently. Then take elastic and create a half bun on the top of your hair. Use only the half of the hair and focus on the front strands. They are the messiest and the most annoying.

Bouffant Half-Updo for Medium Hair

There is something very powerful in bouffant updo and half-updo hairstyles. They are very attractive and classic. You can wear bouffant half-updos on medium haircuts too. The result will be so stylish and glamorous. Take an example form the latest runway looks.medium-bouffant-half-updo-2017How to Style: Straighten your hair either with a blow drier or flat iron and then tease the top part. Comb all hair backwards and fix the created volume with hair spray. Secure the bouffant with bobby pins and pull front locks backwards and fix with another fancy hair accessory. Finish with bold or subtle makeups. Try to keep this hairstyle as your office or formal hairdo.