2017 Pretty Hairstyles for Short to Medium Hair

Mid-length and short haircuts have really been popular this year. They continue to remain trends for 2017 that’s why here we represent the prettiest hairstyles for short to medium hair 2017. Find out as many hair trends as possible for short and medium cuts and embrace your stylish haircut with modern effects. There is always something special in the fashion world waiting for you to try.hairstyles for short to medium hair 2017Side Swept Finger Waves

One of the most popular retro hairstyle is ready to beautify your short or medium hair. It’s the wavy side swept hairstyle trend that creates a kind of undercut effect. You can use this as a prom hairdo for the next party. In spite of being short it still looks very girlish and cute thanks to the voluminous waves framing the face on one side.side swept sort to medium hair 2017Low Chignon hairstyle

Another party hairdo for short to medium hair is the following low chignon finished with a stylish headband. Combined with teased crown part, it looks more sophisticated and elegant. You may create a rolled chignon with the help of an elastic headband. It is gorgeous with or without bangs. Since headbands are trendy in 2017 your look is going to be stunning.chginon for short hair 2017Loose Wavy Hairstyle

Loose messy waves are all you’ll need this spring and summer. Short to medium hair sometimes requires additional volume to look softer and prettier. So, loose waves are ready to do it instead of any other hairstyle. You can get them by curling iron or flat iron. This hairstyle is feminine and eye-catching. It is incredible with subtle makeups and accessories.loose waves for short to medium hair 2017Straight Hairstyle

If you often use flat iron to straighten your hair then this hair trend will inspire you. Short to medium straight hairstyles are not only polished and neat but also very trendy and beautiful. They are the classiest hairstyles that you can see in the fashion world. Women with naturally straight hair will spend less time on styling. If you like, you can opt for bangs for another look.straight short medium hair 2017Bangs Hairstyle

And here is a fringe inspiration for short to shoulder-length cuts. Various types of bangs will be all the rage in 2017. Opt for the fringe that goes well with your hair type and current length. Blunt bangs, for example look good with bob cuts while shorter haircuts compliment side swept, wispy and other bang styles. The choice is up to you!bangs for short to medium hair 2017