2017 Medium Haircuts with Trendy Waves

Mid-length haircuts with trendy waves for 2017 come up with several posh styles and looks. They all differ from each other with their styling techniques and final looks. The best thing about medium haircuts is that they can be styled into any wavy hairdo you like. This means, that the below represented hairstyles are great for anyone who has mid-length hair.medium wavy hairstyles 2017Marcel Waves for Medium Hair

Marcel waves are always there for medium haircuts. They are styled with special techniques and are inspired by retro hairdos. Compared with many wavy hairstyles Marcel waves are polished, neat, sleek and classic. They don’t create a mess or additional volume on your hair and are great when you want to have a net and elegant appearance. Marcel waves can be combined with deep side parting for a better look.marcel waves for medium hair 2017Medium Brushed Out Curls

Special for those who want to add volume and interest to their medium hair there are the lovely brushed out curls. This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair as it makes fine locks look fuller and thicker. You can use big and hot hair rollers to achieve tight curls and then brush them out into loose waves. The created effect can be fixed with a comb and hair spray. Stylists offer a variety of ways to get brushed out waves but the above explained technique is the most common and effective. Women with thick hair will look more gorgeous and attractive with brushed out curls.medium brushed out curls 2017Beach Waves for Medium Hair

The best and freshest beach waves are styled on medium haircuts. Although they are perfect for long hair but you can see delightful and more fashionable beach waves just on shoulder-length hair. This amazing hair styling idea is the most requested especially in spring and summer. You can get it by several methods. While some use curling tools others use hair spray and their braiding skills for natural-looking beach waves. You can opt for any kind of loose wavy hairstyle to look flattering on the beach but beach waves are the best.Beach Waves for Medium Hair 2017

Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Take your long bob haircut to the next level with loose and ravishing waves. Get a festive touch with those voluminous and subtle waves. You may use a curling iron or twisting ideas in order to style your medium bob haircut into relaxed waves. Just don’t forget to fix the final look with hair spray and match it with subtle makeup.wavy lob hairstyle 2017Shaggy Waves for Medium Layers

Let’s dye your hair in a fresh and warm hair color, chop off into a medium layered haircut and style in messy waves. You are going to fall in love with your own stunning look. This hairstyle idea is great for casual days and is worth trying in 2017 as shaggy hairstyles are trendy just this year. Instead of messing things up, you can use sea salt hair spray and flat iron to get messy waves.beach waves for medium layers 2017