Street Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Sometimes when we focus on the runway and celebrity hair trends we forget about the posh street looks which are quite inspiring and stylish. There are many common ladies with cool taste and trendy solutions. Here are the best street hairstyle trends for 2017. Look how fashionable and eye-catching they are in casual styles. Opt for the hair styling solutions that seem to be perfect for your hair type and length.Street Hairstyle Trends for 2017Natural Redhead

2017 is the year of more naturalness. Women with naturally red hair are welcome to display all their beauty and power with modern haircuts. You can go for long layers or medium haircuts like lobs and style them into waves or curls. Waves and curls make red hair colors even more natural-looking and delightful. Those with blonde hair can also become natural-looking redheads if their have the matching skin tone and eye hue.natural redhead 2017Choppy Bob Haircut

Bob is one of the timeless haircuts that cross your mind time to time when you seek for a radical change in your look. Go ahead with a stylish choppy bob haircut and style it into messy and shaggy hairstyles to stand out with your effortless and girlish appearance. This haircut is beautiful in any hair color but sparkles delightfully especially on fresh monotone shades like brunette, light brown, red or blonde. You can even keep your natural hue as a great combo for his haircut.choppy bob haircut 2017Extra-Long Hair Trend

Both extra-short and extra-long hairstyles are in thing in 2017. This means that long-haired women are supposed to take special care of their hair length and make it more beautiful with the right hairstyles. We see many fancy girls with long sleek hairstyles on the streets of Milan, London, Paris and New York. If you have long hair just opt for a shiny hair color to add a pop of hue and then go for super straight and sleek hairstyles with center or side parting.extra-long hair 2017Extra-Short Hair Trend

And here is the extra-short hair trend, which we are used to call a boyish pixie haircut. Although it requires dainty and slender facial features you can still find the most flattering cut for your face shape. Focus on its hair color as it plays a great role. Go for lighter hair colors if you want to make your short haircut as feminine as possible. The right chosen shade is bale to solve many problems in short haircuts.Green Hairstyle

Finally, here is a lovely hairstyle trend with a crazy hair color special for those who want to draw attention on the streets. It’s a green lob hairstyle with light and dark highlights, which make the hair color more sparkling. Luckily this shade of green goes well with most complexions and eye hues. You can easily pull it off on many base hair hairstyle 2017