Office-Ready Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

Women working at offices usually look for classy and polished hairstyles, which are both neat and cozy. Special for those stylish ladies here are office-ready hairstyles for long hair. Although long hair is very feminine but it doesn’t mean that you can style it the way you like at your office. Perhaps your dress code requires just the following cool options. Make them a priority and start styling your locks into trendier hairstyles 2017Low Middle-Part Ponytail Hairstyle

Consider the low sleek ponytail with center parting as the first and most popular office hairdo for your long locks. This is a great hairstyle idea or straight and thick hair. It provides your face with a well-balanced structure and brings out your facial features. You can choose it for second day or greasy hair when you have no time for hair rinsing. Just use proper hair products such as oils or waxes to make hair as sleek as possible. You may also us flat iron if your hair is messy or wavy.low middle part ponytail hairstyle 2017 - CopyLow Sleek Knot Hairstyle

The second popular hair trend for office women is the low sleek knot hairstyle. It is combined with a variety of effects such as side parting, middle parting or just backcombing. This hairdo has something very charming and comfy in it. It’s the main hair trend on the runway for 2017 and is considered as one of the best for office looks. Again, you can use it as a great hairdo for second day or greasy hair using hair products and a comb.low sleek knot hairstyle 2017Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Do you like braided hairstyles? What about the side fishtail? Compared with most braided hairstyles fishtail is the most dominant one that seems to be a perfect matching for long hair. It’s often worn in a side parted style when hair is long. It’s better to choose this hairstyle when you seek for a bit of interest and girlish touch in your look. Fishtail braids are generally polished and thick. They beautifully bring out highlighted hairstyles.side fishtail braid hair for office 2017Sleek Side Swept Hairstyle

In order to look posh and seductive with an office hairstyle you should discover the beauty of side swept styles. They are among the most requested styles for long and sleek hair. Instead of the simple backcombing or center parting you can combine your long straight hairstyle with side parting. This deep side part creates a powerful impression and is a glamorous option for any occasion. You can wear it for your official meetings and posh fancy office parties.  long sleek hairstyle for office 2017 - CopyFrench Twist Updo Hairstyle

The French twist updo is waiting special for those looking for trendy updo hairstyles to complete their office looks. This retro inspired hairdo is a stunning one for long hair. It is mainly combined with teased top part, which grabs attention and highlights your elegance. In order to style it right you should use bobby pins.French twist updo for office 2017