Modern Long Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Long hairstyles are the most popular even if women tend to shorten their haircuts and become more stylish. Long hair makes a woman very feminine and capturing especially when it’s updated with modern twists. Check out these modern long hairstyle ideas and pick a cool look for your hair. The following string is all about creativity and originality.long hairstyles 2017Long Balayage Hairstyle

Long hair gives us the great chance to wear balayage hair colors all over. It’s a fantastic canvas for a variety of natural-looking highlights. Instead of the ombre style you may try balayage in 2017. It’s trendier and more sophisticated. You can combine it with long layers and loose waves for a better look. Women with thin hair opt for this trick to make their locks look thicker and fuller as highlights add an impression of a deeper and richer shade.long balayage hair 2017Long Undercut for Women

Lately, one of my friends has gone for a long undercut hairstyle. She has become so eye-catching and modern in this haircut. But the fact is that undercuts are harsh for women and they are too bold compared even with some short haircuts. Shaved sides and long messy hair create a fascinating and contrasting effect, which brings out your face shape on one side and frames it on the other side.long undercut for women 2017Long Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Have you ever seen short bangs in trend? They were popular in the 90’s and since many retro hairstyles are coming back short bangs are here for 2017. They are paired both with short and long hair. You can see many models rocking messy long hair with shaggy short bangs. These bangs are generally thick and blunt-shaped. They are awesome for anyone who wants to get a girlish and youthful appearance. The best part about short bangs is that they cover half of the forehead and don’t hide your shiny eyes.long hair with short bangs 2017Long Natural Curls Hairstyle

Another big hair trend is the natural Afro style. It is a seductive and very feminine hair type that captures many male hearts. If you have natural curls then let’s make it fresher with light and cute hair colors as well as with layered haircuts. Change the simple look of your long curls with a voluminous and face-framing layered haircut and opt for a matching hair color.long natural curls 2017Long Dip-Dye Hairstyle

What about a crazy hair color idea for long tresses? Are the tips too dull to style into straight hairstyles? Don’t you want to chop it off? Go for a lovely dip-dye hair color idea like this charming lady. Pick a matching shade for your base hair color and dye only the tips. You’ll get a stunning effect.long hair with dip dye 2017