Medium and Long Hairstyles for Men

Not every man is ready to grow his hair out into a medium or long style. If you are one of those brave and styling guys who keep up with medium and long hairstyles for men then keep on reading because you are going to reveal the latest trends and fancy looks. If you are really into this style then you’ll surely find the desired look.mens-long-and-medium-hairstyles-2017Medium Natural Hair for Men

This is my favorite style worn by the majority of black men. Medium natural curls are crazy and unique hairstyles that grab attention. They make those guys stand out in the crowd with their seductive and lovely looks. If you have healthy natural curls then let it grow out a little bit and style with curl-enhancing products to get this shiny and fresh hairstyle. It suits most face shapes but doesn’t compliment round shapes.medium-natural-curls-for-men-2017Long Dreadlocks for Men

Dreadlocks are rather manly than female hairstyles. They are harsh and go well with boho or rockabilly styles. If you like to wear extravagant looks and differ from the rest with your personal style then long dreadlocks are just on point. These messy hairstyle ideas are often combined with updos, which provide with a cozier and cooler look. You can add hair extensions to your long strands and get dreadlocks.long-dreadlocks-for-men-2017Medium Layered Haircut for Men

Tired of those damaged tips? What about a fresh layered haircut. It will not only update your hair but will also provide with a particular structure flattering your face. Layers are sometimes the best for straight hair types. They go well both with thick and thin hair. Ask your hairstylist for a simple medium layered haircut and finish it with heavy bangs if you like such mysterious combinations.medium-layered-hair-for-men-2017Long Undercut for Men

Contrasting haircuts like undercuts are stolen by many females but they remain the most masculine haircuts because of the shaved and short cut sides. They are too harsh for women that’s why they go for subtle hair colors to get feminine effects. If a man decided to go for a long undercut, then he should make sure it suits his hair type and face shape. It’s an asymmetrical haircut that looks quite bold.long-undercut-for-men-2017Medium Shaggy Haircut for Men

All kinds of razor cuts and shaggy hairstyles are trendy in 2017. Men who have long or medium hair can easily go for the most beautiful shaggy haircuts with the help of tons of layers. This trick works well when has some natural messiness in it. As for styling ideas and tips for this haircut, there are side swept, windblown and wavy messy hairstyles for men.medium-shaggy-haircut-for-men-2017