Hottest Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long-haired beauties are really lucky as they have the opportunity to style any updo hairdo they like. Long, thick and healthy hair is blessing. So, instead of complaining of your tresses, just embrace them with the trendiest hairstyles. The hottest updo hairstyles for long hair that are in thing at the moment are as follows.updo-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2017Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

I think the most popular updo hairstyle for long hair is the ballerina bun. It will be in style as long as ballerinas rock it. This polished and attractive hairstyle is used not only by ballerinas but also by elegant and classic women who want to look as neat as possible as well as keep their strands out of the face.ballerina-bun-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: There are several ways to style ballerina buns but the common technique is the sock bun. You can use a sock to achieve a cool and tidy ballerina bun on your long hair. You can check out YouTube tutorials to get the main principle and idea of a perfect ballerina bun.

Braided Chignon Updo Hairstyle

Do you love braids? They are best reflected on long hair. Any simple chignon becomes prettier with multiple braided styles. Choose the most flattering options for your hair type and create a cute combination between chignon and braid hairstyles.braided-chignon-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: Actually, the variety of braided chignons is limitless but I offer this very style as it’s one of the most requested options for the moment. Start with the top part. Tease it and make as polished as possible with hair spray. Then braid into a kind of crown plait. Continue until you get backwards. Comb all hair backwards and style another thick braid. Turn it into a tight and big chignon and secure with bobby pins.

Loose Wavy Updo Hairstyle

While some prefer tight and sleek updo hairstyles there are cuties who seek loose and softer hairdos like this wavy updo. Waves all over long hair create additional volume and make hair look subtle enough. The longer your hair the larher your loose updo will be.loose-wavy-updo-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: Start with waves. Us a curling iron to achieve loose waves section by section. Then create a loose updo on the backwards gathering your locks one by one and securing with bobby pins. You can even twist into loose twists if you look for a more creative approach.

Rope Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Like any braided or twisted ponytail hairstyle rope braid pony is also nicer on long hair. In this case again we can say that the longer your hair the prettier your hairstyle will be. So, rope braid is one of the latest sleek hairstyles and you need to try it.rope-braid-ponytail-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: Fist, apply hair mousse or gel to make your locks as sleek as possible. Then comb or brush from the roots to the tips and pull all backwards. Create the tight rope braid separating your hair into two equal parts and twisting. This is so easy and clear that you can do it by yourself. Continue braiding until you achieve the tips. Secure with elastic.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Finally here is the best updo hairstyle for long hair to use on casual days. It’s the high and messy bun beatified with a stylish scarf. Women with frizzy hair can also consider it as a cool and cozy hairdo. You can wear it at home, in the street and for your workout.messy-bun-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: Without additional styling tips and trick just gather all your messy and frizzy hair upwards and roll or twist to get a large bun. Use bobby pins to secure it. Wear a nice scarf as a headband and enjoy your comfy hairdo.