Glam Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair 2017

You know how versatile long hairstyles are and how many hairdos you can try on long tresses. It seems to be limitless and gives us endless styling versions. We often use our fantasy to add our personal touch to hairstyles we wear, but we do it more often when hair is long enough. These glam hairstyles for long hair for 2017 will inspire you to spice up your look with new hairstyles each time you step out of the door.long hairstyles 2017Long Loose Waves Hairstyle

One of the most popular prom-ready hairstyles is the loose wavy hairdo. It is pretty luxurious on long hair and tends to make it more voluminous. You can wear this hairstyle even for your wedding. It’s super cute and feminine.long wavy hairstyle 2017How to Style: Apply hair protective cream on clean hair and brush gently. Then curl it section by section using a curling or flat iron. If you don’t know how to use a flat iron for waves you can check out some YouTube tutorials. Once you are done with the curls you should run your fingers through them to get loose waves. Create a side parted hairstyle pinning with an accessory and finish with light hair spray.

Long Tight Coils Hairstyle

Women with naturally curly hair often rock this hairstyle for special occasions and in everyday life as it’s their signature style and looks very beautiful. 2017 is all about natural hairstyles and if you have such tight coils you need to opt for a fresh layered haircut and bangs to embrace it.long tight coils 2017How to Style: Use curl-enhancing products to add extra-shine to coils as well as to make them softer. Women with straight hair must opt for chemical techniques to get natural-looking tight coils. This hairstyle is both eye-catching and trendy.

Half-Ponytail Hairstyle

Do you like half-updo hairstyles? What about the stylish half-ponytail? It’s a glamorous hairdo for long and thick hair. You’ll feel quite confident and stylish in this hairstyle as it keeps front hair out of the face and displays your cute face. Half-ponytails are cozy and effortless hairstyles for various cases.half ponytail for long hair 2017How to Style: Start with brushing and rubbing some hair cream to keep control over the messiness of the hair. Then separate hair into two parts on the back part and tie a half-ponytail with elastics. Curls the tail and the rest of the locks and brush to get loose waves.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

We have seen many braided pony hairstyle but this one is unique and more fashionable. Instead of the top part or on the tail, the braid is placed on the back part of the head. It creates a kind of asymmetrical shape for the hairstyle and makes the tail change its direction.braided ponytail 2017How to Style: Comb hair and spray hair spray to make it sleeker. Then start braiding your locks on the back part into a tight French plait. Finish it at the top part and tie a high ponytail. Curl the tail and fix the final look with hair spray.