Fake Bangs Hairstyle Trends 2017

Why do women wear fake bangs? Well, there are several reasons. Some like to experiment with eye-catching styles, some go for it to hide flaws such as unpleasant zits on the forehead and some others have more fun with these hairdos. Whatever your reason, here are the most popular fake bangs hairstyle trends for 2017. Before you may chop off your hair to get bangs try some of these hot styles.fake bangs hairstyles 2017Forehead Braids

These ate the most creative braided hairstyles I have ever seen. They are not only attractive but also great problem-solving hairstyles. Forehead raids can come for help when you look for a prom hairstyle and still want to hide flaws on your forehead. They have a kind of asymmetrical shape crossing the forehead and beautifying it with side swept fake bangs effect.  FOREHEAD BRAID 2017How to Style: Begin with clean and dry hair. Apply some hair cream or hair spray and braid a Dutch plait above one ear. Switch to a regular three-strand braid near the other side, and secure with bobby pins. Finish with a low bun or ponytail hairstyle.

Side Swept Faux Bangs

Perhaps the easiest way to create faux bangs is pulling a huge part of hair to one side. This hairstyle is sophisticated and very subtle. You can always rely on t when you want to look girlish and flawless at the same time. Side swept bangs are the trendiest fringe styles for 2017.side swept faux bangs 2017How to Style: Create a deep side part with the help of a thin-toothed comb. Pull that part to another side and fix with bobby pins hiding your forehead daintily. You can choose this hairstyle for straight, slightly wavy and wet hairdos.

Center Parted Bangs Hairstyle

You don’t always need to chop off your hair to get bangs. They are sometimes hidden inside your layers. Use the shortest face-framing layers are center parted bangs and keep them messy for a better result.center parted messy fake bangs 2017How to Style: Comb your locks and decide where your shortest layers are placed. Bring them to the front part and create center parted fringe. It will hide flaws on your forehead and will make you look more fashionable.

Side Swept Hairstyle with Long Fringe

Another cool trick to use to get fake bangs is combining your layered haircut with side parting. This is a hot face framing hairstyle that makes the face subtler and more slender. You can opt for it when you want to look cuter.side parted hairstyle with long fringe 2017How to Style: Create a deep side parting and style your locks into loose waves or voluminous straight hairstyle that brings out your layered haircut. Place the side parted layers on the front like long fringes. It’s easy especially for girls with thick hair.

Faux Blunt Bangs

Faux blunt bangs are achieved either by hair extensions or styling techniques. You can always change up your look with this delightful tip. It will be a flashy transformation for you from a no-bang style to a fully-fringe hairdo.  FAUX blunt BANGS 2017How to Style: Opt for the most convenient styling tip you get faux bangs. If you want to style them on your own hair then you should work with your hair tips bringing them to the top part carefully and professionally so that no one would guess it’s your hair ends.