Casual Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is gorgeous both in casual and festive styles. All you need to style it beautifully is considering the most recent and fashionable styling versions. Have a look at these casual hairstyles for long hair. In these modern days haircuts and hairstyles play a great role, which means that every long-haired beauty should have a variety of casual hairstyles in her mind for any occasion.long-hairstyles-2017Long Braided Hairstyle

Perhaps the easiest and most popular hairstyle for long hair is the side braid. It is achieved in a variety of ways depending on the plait you choose. If you want to get just in a few minutes then there is the simple three-strand plait.long-braided-hair-2017  How to Style: Start styling by pulling your hair to one side. Then divide into three even parts and start braiding. Finish with elastic. Use this easy trick for your second day hair and combine with voluminous crown parts for more formal looks.

Loose Waves for Long Hair

Another charming and effortless hairstyle for long tresses is the lovely loose wavy style. It is a natural-looking, voluminous and cute hairdo that frames the face with a dainty touch. In order to style it right you should use curling tools.loose-waves-for-long-hair2017How to Style: Apply hair protective cream or spray and then start curling section by section. Even the simple flat iron allows you to get loose waves. Opt for the technique that seems to be the best for your hair type and state. Once you are done with the curls. Run your fingers through and get loose waves. Fix them with hair spray.

Half Updo for Long Hair

A number of half-updo hairstyles are styled on long locks. It’s another cool idea for casual days. You can play with different twisted and braided or simple half-updo hairstyles to beautify your long locks.half-updo-for-long-hair-2017How to Style: you can start by teasing the top part. Then spray hair spray and comb gently backwards. Twist the face framing strands and secure with bobby pins or other hair accessories at your crown part. Curl or straighten the tips.

Long Twisted Hairstyle

It can be either a semi-updo or pigtail hairstyle with twist. According to your taste and interests you may wear the twisted hairdo you like most of all. Here is an example of an awesome twisted pigtails hairdo that works well with thick hair.long-twisted-hair2017How to Style: Divide your hair into two equal parts with a comb and then section those arts into other two parts. Start with the top part and twist into tight pigtails and secure with elastics at the tips.