5 Biggest Hair Trends to Rock 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice of hairstyles when there are millions of trend but the fact is that a few options are the most popular and requested styles. Below you’ll find the 5 biggest hair trends for 2017. If you haven’t discovered the latest trendy hairstyle ideas yet then this article is for you. Find out the most gorgeous hairstyle ideas that look so beautiful and bring out your cute face.hair trends 2017Super Sleek Hair Trend

The tendency of wearing long hairstyle is quite common and popular but what about the super seek, straight and shiny style. From now on you’ll surely use your flat iron more often.Super Sleek Hair Trend 2017How to Style: First, make sure to use hair protective products against heating tools not to ruin your locks. Those products are supposed to provide your hair with extra-shine and healthy touch. Rub them all over your locks and then straighten with flat iron. Finish with gently coning changing the direction of the style to one side or just keeping up with the center parted classy.

High Pony Hairstyle Trend

The second big hair trend for 2017 is the high ponytail. We see it on the runways and among stylish celebrities who find as many cool ideas as possible to change up the common pony style into a prettier one. The most beautiful options are super straight and slightly textured ponytails.High textured Pony Hairstyle Trend 2017How to Style: In order to get a high sleek and straight ponytail you should flat iron your hair and tie a high pony with strong-hold and glossy hair products such as waxes or oils. In the case of textured ponytails you need to go for loose and messy waves and then tie a casual-looking high ponytail with some shag.

Flat Waves Hairstyle

Waves are either relaxed or tight. What are flat waves? Well, they are the extra-slight and subtle wavy hairstyles that look so natural. They are neither bouncy nor beachy and have no eye-catching volume. Some women have this hair type as their natural style. This is the case when you need to use a hair straighter for waves instead of a curling iron.Flat Waves hairstyle 2017How to Style: Apply hair protective products or spray light hair spray all over your locks. Then use a flat iron to achieve loose waves. They are less eye-catching then the rest of wavy hairstyle ideas but they look subtler and cuter. You can get flat waves on medium to long hair. Keep the tips straight to make the hairstyle look polished.

Hair Flip Trend

This is perhaps the easiest hair trend you’ll see this year. It’s the trick of creating more volume just by pulling some huge part of hair to one side. The top part immediately becomes voluminous and flashy. You can use it with any hair type from straight shaggy styles to the tightest curls.Hair Flip Trend 2017How to Style: Women with lack of volume on their hair may go for voluminous waves and create side swept hairstyles flipping hair to one side from another side. You can do it whenever and wherever you want and still look so charming.

Ultra-Long Hairstyle

And the 5th hair trend is the ultra-long hairstyle, which is actually achieved with the help of hair extensions. They are the most feminine and attractive hairstyles for any occasion. We often see it worn by Lana Del Rey, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, and this hair trend tends to become the biggest hair styling idea for many women.Ultra-Long Hairstyle 2017How to Style: Start with adding hair extensions just in the same shade of your hair color. Then use the desired hair styling idea such as waves or super straight looks and go ahead with a polished look.