Layered Haircuts for Straight Hair 2017

Layered haircuts are the best for straight tresses. The reason why so many straight-haired women choose layered cuts for their locks is obvious. They make thin strands fuller, more voluminous and thicker locks become nicer as well as get a cool movement. If your straight hair looks dull and is damaged at the tips check out these layered haircuts for straight hair for 2017. Pick a new haircut to spice up your look.layered-haircuts-2017Long Straight Layered Haircut

This is the signature style of Kardashian sisters who have healthy and thick hair and prefer updating it with layered cuts. They like to keep their strands long enough and inspire us with sleek, shiny and classic hairstyles matched with subtle makeups. You can add some long face framing bangs to long layered haircuts as well as fresh highlights for a better result. Ombre also works well with long layered hairstyles.long-straight-layered-haircut-2017Medium Straight Layered Haircut

If lob is too simple for you and you need a flexible haircut to style differently, then this mid-length straight layered haircut is ideal for you. It can frame your face and make it softer.  With the help of shaggy layers your straight hair will get an awesome structure and subtleness. This haircut is pretty both with and without bangs. Add bangs, if your face shape allows you to.medium-straight-layered-haircut-2017Straight Layered Bob Hairstyle

Those who like bob haircuts represented between classic and casual styles should definitely try the lovely layered bob. Although it is sometimes shaggy but you can bring it to a neater look with straight hairstyles. This haircut is great especially for fine hair. It hides the thinness and creates a voluminous impression. You can opt for layered bob haircuts also when you want to go for an asymmetrical cut.straight-layered-bob-hairstyle-2017Short Straight Layered Pixie Haircut

The next is a shorter yet more popular layered haircut for straight hair. It’s a stunning pixie with subtle wispy bangs which complete the haircut making it more feminine. Straight pixie haircuts are for women who have slender face and tender facial features. These haircuts are harsh that’s why they are accompanied by full layers and sometimes even highlights.short-straight-layered-pixie-haircut-2017Straight Layered Haircut with Bangs

Straight locks give us freedom when it comes to bangs. Any straight layered haircut will look trendier with side swept, layered, center-parted, and shaggy and blunt bangs. The choice depends on your face shape and preferences. Make the best choice with the help of your hairstylist and always use the right styling tools and products to bring out the shape of your bangs and layers.straight-layered-haircut-with-bangs-2017