Newest Hair Highlights

A great way to spice up your hairstyle is adding stylish highlights. As there are millions of styles for hair highlights we’ll focus on the newest hair highlights to give you the latest ideas. Hairstylists and colorists are no more sufficient with the possible techniques and styles. They create more glamorous and attractive looks with creative highlights. Check out the best ideas and options

We say goodbye to the ombre and balayage highlights and welcome the soft babylights. This is the newest style of highlights that looks very natural and pretty. Babylights are mainly placed on front strands and sometimes on the top part to create an overall subtle effect. Stylists offer this option for brunettes who want to lighten up their air color and look natural at the same time.babylights-2017Colombre Highlights

Another way to forget about ombre is looking at the fascinating colombre hair color and highlights. These are light pastel ombre highlights placed at the tips of the hair. The roots are kept in natural or dark shades as usual. That’s why it’s called colombre. The best part about this style is that it is combined with many haircuts starting from bobs. If you want to beautify your haircut then welcome the ravishing colombre highlights.colombre-highlights-2017Silver Highlights

Light and sophisticated are the fabulous silver highlights for blonde, brown and black hair. They are eye-catching and very fashionable. It’s recommended to place silver highlights on the front strands to frame the face daintily. In case you have black hair you will create a flashy style for your locks. Just keep the roots dark and lighten the rest with chunky silver highlights.silver-highlights-2017Multi-Tone Hair Highlights

Oil slick and other rainbow highlights prove that rainbow is still here and it is not going to leave us so soon. Your dark hair can become shiny, interesting and colorful with oils slick highlights. Light-haired women can opt for pastel rainbow shades. Each of us can easily find the most flattering multi-tone highlights. It’s not always necessary to go for unusual and vibrant hues. You can get multi-tone effects with natural-looking highlights too. The choice is up to you.multi-tone-highlights-2017Pixelated Highlights

Finally, here is the most interesting hair highlighting idea. It’s called pixelated highlights. If you have straight, layered hair then you can easily rock this style. It is usually worn on any part of hair with vibrant hues of green, yellow, purple, blue and so on.  pixel-highlights-2017