Natural-Looking Hair Highlights

We all seek for hair color and highlights ideas that look natural, elegant and soft on our hair. If you are confused in the variety of trendy highlights, choose these natural-looking hair highlights to spice up your look. Each of us can easily pick the best shades for her hair to keep up with softness and tenderness. Some of the styles are so simple and easy that you can achieve at home. But try to consult with a hair colorist if you don’t know the most flattering hues for your base shade.natural-looking-hair-highlights-2017Beach Highlights

Beachy waves along with beach inspired highlights can be your next summer look. This combination works well on medium and long hairstyles. It is gorgeous especially on layers. Beach highlights are generally in light sandy blonde shades but they can vary according to the lightness or darkness of your bade shade. Just try the hue that’s one or two tone lighter than your natural hair color.beach highlights 2017Caramel Brown Highlights

Caramel brown highlights best work with dark brown and brunette hair colors. They add warmth and refresh any type of dark brown hue. This hair highlights idea is luxurious and low-maintenance. Place them on the front strands to draw more attention. If your hair color is light you can try lighter caramel highlights. They will look more natural with brown eyes. As for hairstyles, again you can opt for layered cuts as they are ideal for natural-looking highlights.caramel-highlights-2017Light Brown Highlights

Blonde and brown hair is always thankful for light brown highlights. They are soft and warm at the same time. You can place them with a slicing technique in order to mix the shade with your natural hair color. The result is very beautiful on sleek hairstyles. Light brown highlights go well with brown, hazel and lighter eye hues. Anyone with a strong desire to bring out her base shade can play with light brown highlights.brown-highlights-2017Balayage Highlights

Balayage is natural-looking in its style. Its concept is just adding a natural touch to base hair colors. This is the most fashionable hair highlighting technique that you can choose for any hair color. It will be your most favorite hair coloring trend that you’ll opt for over and over again. You are welcome to match it with wavy and curly hairstyles.balayage-highlights-2017Light Hair Highlights

Whether you have dark or light hair color one or two tone lighter shades are always lovely and natural-looking. Be careful when it comes to the placement. Focus on the top and medium part and try to mix everything beautifully. Your choice can be light brown, light blonde or even light copper red depending on your current base tone.light-highlights-2017