Most Flattering Hairstyles for Red Hair 2017

Red hair is undeniable cool and unique. Girls with natural red hairstyles stand out in the crowd with their dainty and mysterious looks. If you are one of them then this article is special for you. Find out the most flattering hairstyles for red hair in 2017. These hairdos will help you enhance the charm of your red locks and will make them look hairstyles 2017Ginger Red Curls

Those with natural ginger red hair usually have messy and cute curls. This hair type best suits light red hair colors and if you have just gone for a warm strawberry blonde or shiny ginger red shade then you may style your hair in this lovely hairdo. Use hair curling tools and try to achieve natural-looking curls. The longer your hair the more natural it will look, but the fact is that ginger curls are beautiful in short cuts too.Most Flattering Hairstyles for Red Hair 2017Burgundy Red Lob Hairstyle

Inspired by Lily Collins’s burgundy lob hairstyles lately many young ladies go for this choppy look. It’s a cozy and attractive hairstyle idea for girls over 20. The burgundy red shade makes it even more fashionable and attractive. You can refresh your brunette shade with the help of dark burgundy red hue and enjoy a brand new hairstyle. Those with lighter skin and blonde hair can experiment with hot copper hair colors.burgundy red lob hairstyle 2017Short Red Pixie Hairstyle

Another hot hairstyle trend for red hair is the short pixie cut. If you have red hair or if you have a short pixie cut, then you surely need to combine these styles to get a fantastic hairdo. Red shades add a feminine touch to short boyish pixie cuts and make them shinier. The choice of the shade depends on your complexion and hair type. If you have light skin and curly hair you may try a cute tone of ginger or copper and those with straight air can opt for darker red hair colors.short red pixie hairstyle 2017Red Updo Hairstyle

Your prom look will be complete and posh if you match your red hair with an elegant updo hairstyle. No one will have the same look during the coming party. This is a unique and pretty hairstyle for women who have red locks. It’s a trendy French twist updo paired with long face-framing bangs, which draw attention to the face. You can rock it as a stylish festive hairstyle for special updo hairstyle 2017Long Red Ombre Hair

In case of having long hair you are welcome to consider the red ombre hair trend. It’s having its moment and is often seen among young women, who are tired of their common blonde or brunette hair. The best thing about red ombre hair colors is that they can be combined both with brunette or blonde locks.long red ombre hair 2017