Gorgeous Hair Colors for Pixie Haircuts 2017

Are you ready for a powerful triumph of the most gorgeous hair colors for pixie cuts for 2017? This time you are going to discover the most flattering shades that make pixie haircut sparkle. The variety of subtle shades will make you fall in love with some of the pixie hairstyles. You’ll start updating your short haircut with trendy hues from now on.pixie hairstyles 2017Pastel Pixie Hairstyle

The most popular pastel hair color is the pink but it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with other tones of pastel too. There is the cute lavender, light sky blue, mint green and so on. Pick up a lovely shade of pastel and make your short haircut girlish and soft. Paste is always the best choice when you want to have a super subtle and tender pixie hairstyle. Due to many stylish women it has become a big hair color trend.pastel pixie hairstyle 2017Baby Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

What do you think of the softest blonde hair color? Have you always dreamed about that baby blonde shade? Your pixie haircut is the most flattering style for this shade. Now, you have the chance to get the prettiest and subtlest pixie hairstyle for 2017. It is cuter with waves and loose messy touches. Copy this shade if you already have blonde hair and make it lighter, shinier and of course more exquisite. Women with baby blonde hair colors are very cute and attractive. They have a kind of celestial beauty that can’t be compared with anything else.baby blonde pixie 2017Light Brown Pixie Hairstyle

Let’s keep it natural and sophisticated with the trendy light brown hair color. If you are into natural-looking shades you may try a bronde hue. It’s a cool combo between blonde and brown hair colors. You can achieve a nude effect with the help of this lovely hair color idea. It’s always recommended to match short pixie haircuts with the right hairstyles to create well-balanced looks with your face shape but the hair color also plays a great role.light brown pixie hairstyle 2017Chestnut Brown Pixie Hairstyle

Another stunning brown hair color for pixie cuts is the natural chestnut. It’s a warm and classy hue that goes well with all shades, outfits and styles. Chestnut brown makes her very soft as well as shines beautifully under the sunny rays. If you have this shade as your natural tone you may enhance it with another warm tone of chestnut.chestnut brown pixie hairstyle 2017