Cutest Pastel-Colored Hairstyles

Pastels are celestial hair colors that make any hairstyle soft, tender and very sophisticated. If you have dyed your hair in a pastel shade then check out these pastel-colored hairstyles to use in 2017. Women who haven’t dyed their hair in pastel will fall in love with these stunning shades and hairdos. Let’s have a look at the latest trendy pastel-shaded hairdos and choose the best versions for our next festive looks.cutest-pastel-colored-hairstyles-2017Pastel Peach Medium Hairstyle

Mid-length haircuts in soft and lovely hair colors, like the pastel peach look pretty and very feminine. They are eye-catching with dark eyebrows and eyes. Pastel peach can be worn on blonde hair like any other pastel shade and will look awesome with modern hairstyles such as the lob haircut styled into a half-bun.pastel-peach-medium-hair-2017Pastel Blue Pixie Hairstyle

Taking into account the fact that many women go for pixie haircuts, stylists think of matching hair colors to soften this boyish style. One of the best ways to soften it is dying in a light shade. What if your choice is pastel blue hair color? It can replace many silver and granny shades. However, if you like you can highlight it with shiny silver tints. The combination will look pretty on this short haircut.pastel-blue-pixie-2017Pastel Purple Bob Hairstyle

After so many experiments of celebrities stylish women finally leave their comfort zone and try to get the same looks. Inspired by Katy Perry’s lavender bob today many go for bob haircuts and dye in pastel purple shades. The lovely tone of light purple ideally goes with shaggy and wavy bob hairstyles. It can be your next glamorous hairstyle.pastel-purple-bob-hairstyle-2017Pastel Pink Curls

It goes without saying that pastel pink is the best shade for curly hairstyles. The reason is that the desired cotton candy effect is best achieved with curls and light pink shades. So, if you have curls or often style your hair into curls then it’s the high time to think of pastel pink hair color. It is ideal with light skin and light eyes.pastel-pink-curls-2017Pastel Green Straight Hairstyle

Pastel green also called mint green is another glam shade to choose between these hair colors. If you think that your straight hair is too harsh then let’s make it exquisite with pastel green. There is much fun in such hair colors than in traditional blonde, brown and red hues. Differ from the rest with your unique look and incredible style.pastel-green-straight-hair-2017