Best Prom Hairstyles for Brunette Hair 2017

When it comes to prom hairstyles the hair color matters. Not every stylist will tell this because not everyone pays attention how this or that particular hairstyle looks on different hair colors. The majority of prom hairstyles are fascinating and attractive on light hair colors and when you try one of those hairstyles on brunette hair you notice that it doesn’t look as beautiful as on blonde or light red hair. Let’s find out the best prom hairstyles for brunette hair 2017. These tips and tricks will help you to make the right choice for your complete festive looks.prom hairstyles for brunette hair 2017Medium Wavy Brunette Hairstyle

Of course, there are different shades of brunette but the fact is that all look fabulous in medium haircuts. If you have just gone for a medium haircut then style it into loose waves for the upcoming party. This amazing hairdo frames the face daintily and goes well with eye-catching hair accessories, which bring out the dark shade of your hair. opt for sleek top parts and a bit voluminous tips for a super elegant look.medium brunette waves 2017Slicked Back Brunette Hairstyle

This is perhaps the only hairstyle that doesn’t suit blonde and red hair. It seems to be created special for brunettes. Slicked back brunette hairstyles replace the traditional straight hairdos and look more powerful, shinier and cooler. You’ll never find any other sleek and seductive hairstyle like the slicked back hairdo achieved with high-shine hair oils. It’s a real thing for prom nights.slicked back hairstyle 2017Loose Brunette Updo Hairstyle

When it comes to updo hairstyles we notice that the majority compliments blonde and red hair. However, there are several cute ideas for brunettes too. Look at this loose wavy updo, which has a kind of sophisticated touch in it. It’s a glam hairdo for your date nights and parties. You can wear it on medium to long hair and frame your face with long loose bangs.loose brunette updo hairstyle 2017Prom Updo for Black Women

Black women usually do a thorough research to find some possible updo hairstyles for their black locks. Some celebrates give us hot ideas. Try this halo braid updo and combine it with shiny earrings. You’ll feel how subtle and delightful it looks on your hair.prom hairstyle for black women 2017Side Swept Brunette Curls

Do you like curly hairstyles? You’d better take your old-fashioned curls to the next level by side parting. This side swept curly hairstyle is the most required option among Hollywood brunettes. It’s an eye-catching and very feminine hairstyle idea that makes dark hair color shine daintily. You may match it with glamorous accessories and trendy makeups.side swept curls 2017Faux Undercut Brunette Braids

The list would be incomplete without the edgy and Afro-inspired faux undercut braids. While they look subtle on blonde hair they are very charming and flashy on darker shades. The darker your hair color the prettier faux undercut braids look. Thanks to the darkness of your locks they bring out roots and create a bold effect of undercuts, which are so trendy these days.faux undercut braids for brunette hair 2017