5 Gorgeous Styles of Hair Highlights for 2017

This year natural-looking and soft highlights are the most expected choices for all hair colors. Here are 5 gorgeous hair highlights for 2017. If you look for a new style and look for your monotone and dull base shade then choose one of these styles for the coming season. Go either light or dark depending on your expectations.hair highlights 2017Black Hair with Silver Ombre Highlights

My black-haired beauties now have something very attractive and trendy to try for their locks. It’s the silver ombre highlights all over the hair. These highlights are sophisticated and very soft. They are ideal when you don’t want to opt for traditional shades and need a brand new look. So, keep the roots in your base shade and highlight the rest of the hair with silver ombre highlights.black hair with silver ombre 2017Copper Highlights

Add a pop of reddish shades with copper highlights. They work well with brown hair and tend to make it warmer. These are popular and shiny highlights that transform you into a stunner. You will get an interesting effect if you have long layers. Women with bangs can add dark copper highlights to their fringe in order to get a fancier and flashier look.copper highlights 2017 - CopyAllover Blonde Highlights

Copy Gigi Hadid’s astounding style and wear blonde highlights allover your hair. If you have light brown base shade then you’ll make it lighter and prettier. Such tender highlights create an amazing natural touch and frame your face with a fabulous beauty. You can add flaxen blonde or warmer blonde hues according to your skin tone and base shade.  allover blonde highlights 2017Brunette Hair with Light Highlights

As for dark brown and other brunette hair colors everyone wants to make them more capturing with the help of light hues. If you have dark brunette locks you can beautify them with light brown, dirty blonde or caramel highlights. Opt for balayage highlights to get a nicer and more fashionable look. Place them on face framing strands so that your face could look softer and more feminine.brunette hair with light highlights 2017Blonde Hair with Light Brown Highlights

Your blonde hair may be too light and pale. Let’s warm it up with light brown highlights. These delightful shades go well with various blonde hair colors and add depth as well as dimension to the overall look. You may keep it natural by slicing and mixed highlights. Avoid old-fashioned chunky highlights, which are unnatural and grab attention.blonde hair with light brown highlights 2017 - Copy