5 Bold Hair Colors for 2017

When it comes to bold or edgy hair colors we are usually lost in the variety of shades and offers. Every year stylists do their best to offer us new and incredible mixtures of bold hues so that we can appear with absolutely different images and styles. Here collected 5 bold hair colors for 2017 are from the most recent looks and experiments. Try an option to inspire your friends.bold-hair-colors-2017Dark Turquoise Hair Color

You know what’s the mystery of dark hair colors? They bring out light skin and look flashy with edgy makeups. Look at this dark turquoise hair color, for example. Doesn’t it make sense? Just try a deep shade of turquoise in 2017 and feel the rich marine touch on your own hair. While lighter tones of this hair color are soft and vibrant, dark turquoise is something more serious and beautiful. It goes well with most complexions and doesn’t ask eye hue.dark-turquoise-hair-color-2017Peach Hair Color

Well, peach is a light and subtle shade but it’s unusual and bold too. With a cute tone of peach and apricot you’ll open the doors for new pastel hair colors in 2017. This can be your next delightful shade for your blonde hair. In case you want to warm up your current shade as well as frame your fair-toned face with a warmer hue, then peach is the right color for you. Match it with natural-looking makeups.peach-hair-color-2017Purple Hair Color

Dark or light, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it’s purple. Purple is a big hair color trend for 2017. Luckily, each can dye her hair in purple according to her complexion. Brunettes, generally choose dark purple hair colors, while blondes prefer pastel, lavender and lilac tones. Some like purple ombre shades as well as purple hair colors with dark roots. Use your imagination when the turn is yours.purple-hair-color-2017Neon Hair Colors

Different shades of glowing neon hair colors are in thing. They are mainly worn for night parties when the darkness allows bringing out shiny and attractive hues. Tease hair colors are the most dramatic experiments that you can play with. Just keep in mind that they require special care and regular touch ups not to look faded.neon-hair-color-2017Underneath Rainbow Highlights

Instead of the traditional rainbow styles I offer something new for 2017. It’s the underneath coloring technique which deals only with the half of your hair and provides you with a secret rainbow style. With the help of underneath highlights you’ll get an awesome hairstyle in vivid shades and hues. Keep in mind that this trend works well with updo hairstyles.underneath-rainbow-highlights-2017