Shortest Hairstyle Trends for Curly Hair

Short haircuts are trendy and they have their cool influence on messy curls too. If you are tired of the messy and big frizz then you are welcome to opt for a short curly hairstyle idea in 2017. These hairstyles will surely inspire you to spice up your look and get a brand new style. Say goodbye to long and damaged curls and refresh them with trendy short haircuts and hairstyles like a real celebrity or runway stunner.short curly hairstyles 2017Short Curly Haircut with Bangs

Both bangs and short haircuts are popular that’s why many fashionistas combine them in one hairstyle. If you like bangs then match them with a short pixie, grown out pixie or bob haircut. Here you see a stunning example of cute curly bob haircut with bangs. It is beautiful even in dark hair. Of course, you need to keep the fringe short so that you’ll feel comfier and more confident.short curly hair with bangs 2017Short Curly Undercut Hairstyle

The next is the edgy short curly undercut hairstyle, which compliments naturally curly hair. Think of cozy shaved sides and voluminous top part. It’s a contrasting and eye-catching hairstyle trend popular among celebrities like Rihanna. She has natural curls and likes to take them to the next level with modern hairstyles and hair colors. If you think that your undercut is harsh you can soften it with a light hair color matching your skin tone and eyes. Always go for the most flattering combination to keep up with a pleasant style.short curly undercut for women 2017Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

If you look for a more girlish and feminine short curly hairstyle then there is this lovely bob haircut for you. It’s a luxurious and cute curly hairdo to consider when you want to update your long or medium hair. This cut gives you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd. It’s more voluminous than any other short curly hairstyle. You can match it with bangs if you like.short curly bob 2017Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircut

When it comes to asymmetrical or the so-called uneven haircuts we see unique and very original hairstyles, because each of us can create her own style with asymmetrical cuts. It goes without saying that curls look more interesting in asymmetrical shapes than straight hair. Go ahead with a cut that frames you face daintily and goes well with your face shape.Shortest Hairstyle Trends for Curly HairShort Curly Pixie Haircut

The list would be incomplete without the short curly pixie haircut. It’s classiest and neatest style for curly-haired women. Anyone who goes for this trendy haircut, brings out her facial features and looks very fresh. It’s really one of the best solutions when you need a convenient short haircut with little maintenance.short curly pixie 2017