2017 Cutest 5-Minute Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Each of us has lazy days, late mornings and just uninteresting moments in life. In order to solve the problem of having unruly or annoying hair we often look for easy-to-do and quick hairstyles. Women with curls search these hairstyles more often as their hair type doesn’t allow them to feel comfy and neat. Check out these cute 5-minute hairstyles for curly hair for 2017. Discover the easiest and quickest hair trends for curls.easy hairstyles for curly hair 2017High Bun Hairstyle for Curls

Top knots and messy high bun hairstyles are very popular ad requested hairstyles in salons. They are so easy and cute that you can get them even at home. High buns go well with curly hair and allow you to draw attention to your face. You don’t always need to perfect it to look beautiful. This hairstyle is prey even with face framing loose strands. high bun for curls 2017 How to Style: Apply hair cream first special for curly locks. Then gather all the curls to the top part and create a bun securing with elastic or tight bobby pins. Frame your face with long bangs or mix them with the bun if you want to look classier and neater. Finish with hair spray.

Double Buns Hairstyle for Curls

Those who like lovely combinations of downdo and updo hairstyles may try the trendy double bun hairstyle in half-up styles. It’s a fantastic hairstyle when you want to get rid of annoying hair from your face. It’s even used a prom hairstyle by many celebrities.double buns for curly hair 2017How to Style: Again rub hair cream to make hair fresher and keep control over it. Then brush gently the top part and create a center parting.  Pull some top part hair and create double buns securing with bobby pins. Then again apply hair oil or cream on the rest of the hair.

Twisted Hairstyle for Curls

Twists are perfect for curly hair. They create the bets combinations when you opt for a stylish hairstyle idea. It can be a twisted updo or half-up hairstyle depending on your hair length. Here is one cool option to consider.twisted hairstyle for curly hair 2017How to Style: Divide front strands from the rest of your hair and twist them tightly. Bring to the back part and mix with a bun or ponytail hairstyle. Secure tightly so that the twist won’t get looser and inconvenient. Use bobby pins if necessary.

Bandanna Updo for Curly Hair

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching, fashionable and cool ways to make curly hair look neat is styling it into a bandanna updo. This hairdo is runway and Afro-inspired style that captures many hearts. You can get it just in 5 minutes.bandana hairstyle for curly hair 2017How to Style: Rub hair wax on the top of your hair and comb the roots to make your curls sleeker. Tie a high messy bun or ponytail and wear a bandanna or scarf keeping all your front strands and bangs out of the face. Finish with subtle makeup as this hairdo draws attention to face shapes and facial features.